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Catalina Cruz birthday cam show is now ready for you

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

My birthday cam show is now up for members along with the screenshots too if you missed it. I celebrated with members with whipped cream, a toy and a relaxing orgasm. Here are some screenshots from my play session. It is now up in 4K to watch whenever you’d like. Thank you for all the birthday wishes through email, twitter, Snapchat and my live show. I am very grateful for you.

I added some kinky ice cube videos inside my Snapchat yesterday. You can now get access to my Snapchat when you join my site. It is my private account where you can keep in touch with me one on one. This is where you can send me videos and photos of yourself too if you want to. I love that I am getting to know many of you on a private, more intimate level. Today, I am doing some JOI videos on Snapchat.

Happy Hump Day to all of you! I hope the rest of your week goes smooth. Keep moving forward and being positive. I will do the same too!! Love, Catalina Cruz

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Busty teacher Catalina Cruz here to teach you some tricks in the bedroom

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Over time, I get asked often what I enjoy/like during sex the most or people ask me what they can do to improve their sex life. Here are some of my thoughts of what I enjoy the most and maybe what some women may not communicate or be shy to. I know earlier on, I might think something but not say it. These are in no order, just randomly of what turns me on and what I really enjoy during sex.

1. Foreplay. Warm me up with your hands, kissing my neck, thighs, lips. Breathing in my ear lightly. Rubbing and some teasing before you right for it.

2. Tell me your kinky thoughts. Talking dirty to me, telling me your fantasies or telling me what you’d like is a turn on for me. I use to be shy to ask for it. I think a lot of women hold back with this. I love to fantasize about having threesomes.

3. Make eye contact to let me know you are into me and are in the moment feeling good.

4. Clit play. I love clit play and many women love it too. Don’t be shy to ask if you are doing it too light or too hard or ask if she wants your tongue to lick and play with your clit too.

5. Patience. Sometimes our bodies need more or less time depending on what happened that day or didn’t happen. The mind needs to relax so our bodies can too.

6. If you happen to climax first, don’t be ashamed. if she didn’t yet, ask her if you can help her and lie with her until she orgasms too. This can go vice versa too. Our bodies are all so different so make sure there is time so you can both enjoy the moment.

These are just some of my thoughts and what I love and need.

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Here are some screen shots from my last live sex show on my members cam. My next live cam show is this Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 1pm ET. Come relax, watch and play with me. Remember you also get access to my private Snapchat too. If you are a current member, this also includes you as well. You get very naughty videos daily on my Snapchat long with my daily website updates too.

Love Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz it goes on and on

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

This morning I logged into my twitter account and I was asked, “How do you deal with being tired of being strong?” This was asked in response to my thoughts I had just tweeted about not giving up in life and moving forward no matter what. I think we all get tired of being strong at some point in our life. I know I have felt this way and at times still feel this especially when things happen that are unexpected like family issues, relationship, career, health issues, deaths, and it goes on and on. Some may be thinking why is someone in porn even talking about this but the truth is we all have something to offer no matter where we came from, what we do and have been through. When I feel tired of being strong, I use working out, walks, talking to someone I trust, reading quotes or motivational videos, ice cream, really anything that might make me feel good or simply getting out and doing anything to take my mind off of what is going on. Just simply moving and getting out usually does it for me. Everyone is so different though, so what may work for me, might not for you. There are times when my friends and family were there for me. This is so important for us to reach out to one another. I always, always believe too… that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop so always stay busy with things that will make your life better or at least not hurt you. Reach out, don’t wait to get help if you need to.

Catalina Cruz now offering Snapchat with your membership to

On a happy, distracting note… I have a live cam show tonight at 8pm ET. It is a boy/girl POV show so come relax with me and watch my show live. If you can’t make it, it will be archived. Here are some screen shots from my last kinky show that is now up in 4K and all the naughty photos too. These are just teasers.

I have been posting many videos to my private Snapchat every day. You can get access to my private Snapshat account either by joining my site, or on my store. There are many options too for however long you’d like too. This is the place where you can send me private texts and your pics/videos too if you choose to or just get mine. Whatever you desire.

Hope to see you at my live cam today at 8pm ET! Love, Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz Cheerleader Double Penetration Gangbang – Releasing September 13, 2018

Come play with Catalina Cruz live on cam at her official website.

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