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Catalina Cruz Live Cam

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Catalina Cruz Blog
Thanks to those of you that joined me for my live show today. Had the show outside in the warm AZ sunshine. The perfect temperature for outdoor sex:) Brandon freaked out during the cam show over how extremely wet I was. I was so wet I squirted water, and he said he had never seen anything like it and he has seen tons of porn. I was a bit embarrassed, well I always seem to blush at things like that even being an online sex girl. The show will be archived and be up for members who missed it. At the end of the show, I played in my pool then almost got electricuted afterwards from being wet and being by all the lights and cords from the cam show. Dumb move but worth it for the show:) Here is a candid pic from today that was taken right before the show. Had a really great time today and the day has just begun!

Hope I brought some sunshine to you day!!

Love, Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Had a great outdoor live show today. I was dressed in my Mexican dress with my Margarita in hand. I felt so sexy getting naked in the warm AZ air. The perfect temp here to have a show outside before the very hot summer begins. Took some candid photos as well which will go up in my members area along with the archived show.

After my show I went out for some Mexican food, a Santa Fe salad. Tonight we may head up to the Sandbar where there is a big fiesta party going on for Cinco de Mayo. Its always nuts here in AZ since we are obviously so close to Mexico.

My next live show will be a live boy/girl show so make sure to check my schedule for the date.

Sending you some lovin’ today!!! Adios:) xoxo

Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz Special Live Show

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

I actually took some time off the past few days. I still worked some but not nearly as much I normally do. I even watched a movie, Flash of Genius. The plot consists of Robert Kearns taking on the Detroit automakers who he claims stole his idea for the intermittent windshield wiper. I had always wanted to see the movie about how this all happened. I enjoy movies based on true stories. It’s definitely worth checking out if your are interested.

Lela Star and I are planning a live cam show for the second week of this month. As soon as I know the date I will let you know. This will be her very first live cam show!! So, I hope a lot of you can make it and make her feel welcome and be sweet to her. Your first live show can be nerve racking well sometimes even after years of doing them they still can be. lol

My plans today are laid back. It is family time, going to get a good workout in and get out in the warm sunshine for another BBQ. We had one yesterday too. If you ever need a change in your life and want to move to another warm state, AZ is just perfect. 70’s and 80’s in February/March! I am so happy to have made the move over four years ago. It was worth it.

Just sending you some love today.


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Catalina Cruz hardcore video

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Here is an E-Kiss for you all today. Two tongues are better than one ) I am sending all of you a lot of love this Valentines Day. My gift to you is a brand new hardcore video of Lela and I and new XXX photos of us girls as well that will be going up this morning.

My Valentines Day started a little early last night when a friend got me a six pack of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cup cakes, the cake batter ones! mmmmmmmmmm It was almost better than sex. sorry, but it was good. So, if you are feeling a little down this weekend, go pick some up if you can. Just don’t eat them all at once )

I have a lot of website work to get done today, lots of new videos coming your way. I am listening to comedian Katt Williams right now as I work. The part is on right now when he talks about having haters in your life and we need to stop bitching about it and figure out how to get more haters before the summer comes. omg! He is so bad and he makes me smile. Check out his dvds sometime if you need a good laugh.

Enjoy my new video and photos! Happy Valentines Day everyone! I don’t tell you enough like us girls should that have websites but, thank you!!! I appreciate all of you that choose to come to play at my site. I have a lot of love for you!!

Love, Catalina Cruz

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