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Catalina Cruz hot summer

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Summer is flying by too quickly. We are already heading into August. I thought I’d share with you some of pics that I’ve taken over the summer from traveling and home. I take so many photos but there are so many I don’t take the time to share.

I will be live tomorrow night at 8pm est. Summer bikini solo chat/sex show. My schedule has been off lately and I’m ready to get back into my live show routine. Sometimes in life you have to roll with what comes your way and I’ve had to do that lately. I hope to see lots of you there tomorrow night. If you can’t make it, of course I will archive it for you.

Something very exciting… well for me and for you too because you will get to see everything. I’m getting my hands into erotic photography and video. I not only want to shoot, I want to become really good at it not just average. I can’t wait to be hand picking Fantasy Girls and shooting them myself. It makes me want to orgasm right now. lol Don’t worry though, I’ll still manage to have my ass in front of the camera too for quite awhile

See you tomorrow at 8pm est!


Catalina Cruz

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