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Catalina Cruz Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

In celebration of the month of love, I did a Twitter Valentines Day contest. I wanted to share with you some of the pick up line and poem entries I received for the contest…

@SexyLadiesTweet @CatalinaCruz “Are you sure you don’t work for subway? Because you just gave me a footlong.”
@RayOSunzz @CatalinaCruz “Roses are red, Sex is elementary. Let’s call up a friend, and try double entry.”
@CatDad776 @CatalinaCruz “Roses are red, boobies come in two’s……I’m totally obsessed with the ones on Catalina Cruz!!”
@wayme2274 “Did you sit in sugar? Cuz you got a sweet ass.”
@jpoc_mf me: “Want to get a pizza and fuck? You: ew, no! Me: What’s wrong, you don’t like pizza?? =]”
@PorunoGakusha @catalinacruz “There must be a keg in your pants, cuz I want to tap that ass.”
@irishstone_77 @CatalinaCruz. “Are you from a fairytale? Cause id love to give you a happy ending.”
@bogey131313 @CatalinaCruz “Roses are red and sometimes yellow, I want to wrestle naked with you in a tub full of jello.”

I am going to pick two winners tomorrow for Valentines Day that will win a two month membership to my site.

Here are some photos from my last live event day. Some behind the scenes pics.

My upcoming live webcam show schedule is:
Friday, February 15th at 4pm est
Wednesday, February 20th at 7pm est

Hope to see you there! If you are not a member, try it! You’ll like it, I promise!

xo Catalina Cruz

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