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XXX Proposal – Sophia Limelli

Friday, November 30th, 2007

A friend of mine turned me on to this chick Sophia and said she would be game for our thousand xxx proposal if she could convince her boyfriend to go along. A sort of blind porn date. I was told she was really sexy so I told Jimmy and he said let’s set up a meeting. When we met the couple, Sophia hadn’t really explained all the sordid details to her man Steve so she filled in the blanks while we were there. Steve was lost for words at first but surprisingly he didn’t put up much resistance. That’s was ok with me because Sophia might have been 28 but she had the body of a teenager and I was going to bang her silly. We went back to Jimmy’s and we wanted a quick check of the goods so Sophia stripped to her underwear. I could only term her tits spectacular so I unhooked her bra and fondled and sucked those beautiful puppies. I could tell Sophia was a horn dog and she started stroking and sucking my dick until I was like steel. I couldn’t wait to stick it inside her so I pulled her legs way apart and slid inside her grinding away. She was totally into getting some new cock in her life and begged me to fuck her hard. I did my best and in as many positions as I could before I fed her mouth my creamy load. This was a blind date I’ll remember for a while.

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Friday, November 30th, 2007

The answer is yes, my tits are fake. Now that that is out of the way lets get down to the real point. Do you want to see them and touch them? I love showing my tits and having people grab them. I figure if you have a nice car, you drive it right? When I jump on my webcam a lot of the time I am topless or I’m waiting for someone to talk to and get topless for. It you are a boob man ask nice, I promise I’ll show you them.

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The Semen Drinker

Friday, November 30th, 2007

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Curly blond haired glasses wearing Kimberly is thirsty for semen… so bring on the cocks! She services each 1 and laps the jizm up into and around her mouth but still, her thirst rages. Only 1 thing for it then… fill a glass of course of warm sticky goo by relieving the guys with her hands and mouth and drink the freshly prepared juice! Kimberly has a very unique look that makes this bukkake mov even more hot. She has the fair complexion of a redhead and the jizz looks so great against that pale skin of hers. She loves slobbing dicks hard and long which is why this clip went well past the half hour mark. Kimberly really does like to take her time and do things right – that certainly happened this time around!

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Breakfast Loving Should Be Mandatory, If You Ask Me

Friday, November 30th, 2007

The 18 year old slept over last night, so I decided to surprise her and bring her breakfast in bed. I usually don’t condone too much romance, but when given in moderation, this shit does wonders. When the 18 year old opened her eyes, she was in awe and genuinely surprised. Without uttering a word, she threw her newfound horny self on me and tried to get fresh, but Yours Truly is a hygienic motherfucker, so I led her straight into the shower.


After making sure she gargled a few times, we fucked like it was our first time again, washing each other and tonguing places where the sun don’t shine. I gave her firm breasts and tight pussy a thorough soaping and she shined my cock off nicely. I jerked off into her mouth. The water flowin all around us and her just kneelin there was a serene scene, as she swallowed my cum. What a beautiful start to the morning. I called my boss and said I was still feeling under the weather – naïve dumb fuck…


I fired up my pipe and got high out by the pool while the 18 year old enjoyed her sausage and eggs breakfast. She isn’t big on pot because of a few shitty experiences with it (prior to being with me, of course). But she felt comfortable smoking with me occasionally, so we smoked and basked in the morning sun.


The 18 year old really enjoyed our smoke session and hit the pipe like a pro. She had this look in her eye the whole day—like someone had turned on her bad girl switch. She liked the rebellious, free, feeling and reminded me of Lani from Look at this chick… She was born with a dildo in her hand awaiting her knight in shining armor to dick her down. With a FREE TRIAL being offered when you enter the site, you’d be an idiot not to check it out…

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The sun always shines…

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Grinding on his lap, sexy Sunny Lane can feel the stiffness of this long thick dick pressing against her tight buns. Swept up in the moment, her pussy’s getting wet knowing she’s making him hot, hard and ready for action.


Mmm mmm, look at that eager mouth, wide open waiting for a big load of cum to spray all over her face, lips and tongue. She’s a cock and cum slut with a passion for getting dirty, and that’s why I love anything with her in it!


Her hunger for hardcore sex will leave you with your pulse racing, your body hot and bothered and your dick pulsing hard seeking sweet release all over her pretty young face.

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FingerBang Jan

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Bang It

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Covergirl Sativa Rose has the Whackman wanting to Bang It right fuckin now. Let’s do this motherfuckers.


Lucy Lee and Haley Paige tease outside, overlooking a canyon. Inside, they introduce themselves and tell us that they’re doing each other and Sascha today – he runs into the scene with a raging hard-on. The sluts drop to their knees and start to gobble. Sascha sticks Haley in doggy first. Haley eats Lucy while she’s being railed. Next, Lucy mounts the stud in reverse cowgirl. Haley gets fingered by the other two during the fucking. Haley rides Sascha while Lucy puts her ass in her face. A set of purple anal beads are introduced to Haley’s rectum and Lucy gets a beaded, black, anal toy in her ass and Haley gets to taste it. Another insertion and Lucy gets a taste of her digestive system but she wants real cock. Sascha jams her ass in doggy. Haley gets the flesh pipe in reverse cowgirl anal and then Lucy rides Sascha’s cock in anal cowgirl while Haley does a masturbation DP. The sluts both suck Lucy’s ass off of Sascha’s cock. Haley gets spooned anally. Lucy sucks Haley’s juices from the cock. The sluts get on their knees; he gives each of them some spurts.

The sexy Sativa Rose is dazzling in hot pink undies. Then there’s a cut to Sativa on a couch wearing a fishnet top and panties. Lee Stone is her fuckbuddy; He gags her with his cock and spits in her mouth. There was a little face slap that she didn’t like, but The Whackman appreciates a man who knows how to treat a whore. Lee pushes her onto the couch and dives into her pussy. After a side entry missionary penetration, Lee picks her up for some mid-air. They fall back onto the couch for both cowgirls. He pushes her back into missionary and they go flying again before dropping down for more missionary on the couch. The intensity really shows on Sativa’s face. They slap each other’s face and there’s more nasty spitting. Back to doggy and a profusely sweating Lee pulls Sativa down onto the floor to streak his seed across her face. Sativa licks at his cock and they’re both completely winded by this workout.


Audrey Hollander is a sexy redhead. She’s in knee high silver boots, thigh high red fishnet stockings and a translucent pink bra with chains trimming it. Marco Duato and Otto Bauer are the lucky dudes who get to fuck Audrey. She deep throats Otto with ease but has more difficulty with Marco’s schlong. The dual cocksucking is messy and energetic. There are some body slaps and Audrey is promised some cock in her ass. She assumes the position and Otto goes straight up her pooper. Audrey’s still giving Marco world class head, but soon has to give that up as Marco replaces Otto and pounds her rectum relentlessly. She gets back to sucking some cock as Otto face fucks and jaw breaks Audrey. A2M for Marco and Otto takes up the rear. Otto tortures her tits, then explores Audrey’s throat with his cock. Reverse cowgirl anal on Marco and Otto’s cock in her mouth. He gives her pussy its first action for a DP. Audrey sucks her juices from both cocks then it’s cowgirl on Marco. More cock cleaning by Audrey and then they do a flying DP. Piledriver anal is next with Otto. Marco takes his share and Otto goes back for more. Audrey pries open her sphincter for him and then accedes to Marco. A2M and Otto’s back. A2M for him and Audrey’s ready for cum. Otto spews in her mouth and Marco has some for her face and tongue. Audrey swallows down her libation to close a very rough scene.

Trina Michaels teases with green undies and fishnet stockings. Cut to the interview with Trina now decked out in black lingerie and sitting on a coral colored couch. Marco and Sascha are on her immediately when called. Trina explores her throat with their prongs, but she doesn’t have deep throat skills. She does have enthusiasm. They turn her around for some target practice on her ass, raining smacks down on it. Sascha enters her pussy in doggy and Marco puts Trina on the rotisserie. Trina mounts Marco in reverse cowgirl and Sascha gets some head. Sascha spits into her mouth and smacks her tits. He has Trina slap her own tits and then Marco switches holes. A2M with Marco imploring her to take it all. Cowgirl anal on Sascha. Marco continues the abuse at the other end. A2M and no hands bj for Marco. He gets her ass in reverse cowgirl anal and Sascha fills her pussy for the DP. She moves over to Sascha in cowgirl and Marco’s soon in her ass for the DP. Reverse cowgirl anal on Sascha, then they show a gape, which Marco fills. Back on Sascha and Trina begs for cock in her pussy. Marco gags her with his cock first, then fills the gap. Trina drops to the floor and gets doubly splooged, making her porn pretty.

Deja Daire is slender and tight looking. Her gash is bald and she shows us some roast beef. She has a baby voice, does anal and is going to get Lee Stone for her scene. Deja shows her wares and Lee’s on her. He gets up on the bench and feeds Deja his cock. She doesn’t get much into her throat before gagging. He pushes her back onto a bed and eats her pussy. Lee then pushes his cock into her gaping pussy. He pulls her back into reverse cowgirl. Lee tries to force his cock down her throat, but it just won’t go. They move to doggy anal which turns to an up and over. A2M leading to reverse cowgirl anal. Lee squeezes the hell out of Deja’s breast, totally going caveman on her. He spoons her ass and she sucks his cock clean. Cowgirl anal and missionary anal ensues. Deja works her pussy while Lee drives towards orgasm. He pulls out and shoots his spew on Deja’s face.

Bang It is an appropriate title for this hardcore fuck flick. The hardest scene was with Audrey Hollander. Sativa Rose, even though she doesn’t do anal, shows a propensity for very physical sex. Lucy Lee also seems to be drawn to less romantic and more physically taxing scenes. Trina Michaels and Haley Paige did the damn thing. The sluts were hot and the energy was high throughout. The Whackman fired out 8 strong loads – this flick depicts how to fuck a whore like the whore she is…

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Have at it ‘ass’ you wish

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Hit it and split it and lick it and quit it – the motto.  Put your cock in any/every hole because these are the downest whores that love to fuck more than you do.  Yeah, I said it—they love to fuck more than you do…


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Take to the sky on a natural high

Friday, November 30th, 2007

The animations over at will fuck anywhere and anytime.  Fuck the wining and dining; cut the bullshit and give these trashy whores the only thing they want—to please you.


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Take a walk on the wet side

Friday, November 30th, 2007

This blonde milf loves to swim in her birthday suit. At, cum and join the party because everyday is a fuckin party on this side of the internet. After all, Mother’s know best.


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Stacey Lane – Fine Black Pussy

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

I came really prepared to find some fine black ass over at the shopping center complete with my binoculars to scope the entire parking lot. Even with my very basic surveillance system I was having a hard time finding a prospect until fine ass Stacey came walking through the parking lot. She caught me with the binoculars but I tried to play it off saying I was a bird watcher. Stacey wasn’t really buying that story but she kept on smiling so I knew I had a shot at tagging her. She was on her way to the sporting goods store to buy some workout clothes and I could tell Stacey exercised because her body was tight. Other than that, her day was wide open and that’s what I wanted to hear. I asked her if she’d like to hang with me and my man Derek back at the studio to take a few sexy pictures and Stacey thought that was a fun idea. I think she knew what was up by the way she hit her knees to suck my big black cock right when we walked into the studio. There was no small talk necessary with this sexy freak. And fucking that wet pussy wasn’t a problem either as I hit that stuff in as many positions as my cock would allow me before I came. When I did unload, I covered Stacey’s face with my sticky finish. It never hurts to be fully prepared.

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