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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Yesterday I took most of the day off and went to a waterpark here in AZ.  I wanted to check it out because they just invested into it and it just reopened. Lines were incredibly long but some of the rides were worht the wait. We entertained ourseleves while we waited. I could people watch all day.  AZ has some of the best eye candy:) Then of course the things you see and hear. One woman said to her little two year old, “Happy Birthday bitch, now shut the hell up!”  One of my family members overheard it. By the time it was said they were walking away. What is wrong with some people?? Can you imagine what goes on at home? *sigh* I’m always told I cannot save the world, but I wish I could.

Ok, well enough of that. Thanks for the votes for my boobs! Even halfway through the contest telling you all about it, you came through for me and currently I am in first place. There is still time though keep them coming, you never know when someone can bring out the hammer votes.  I am very grateful to have such great fans and friends. Da twins are very happy! Here they are at the waterpark yesterday. lol

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