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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Warning :  There is double trouble ahead! Just added a brand new kinky mirror photoset of me giving you double the pleasure with two of me =) I feel like a did a girl on girl with myself. Its was a bit weird but I have to admit a turn on to masturbate in the mirror and watch.  Here is just a tame sample from the set. You’ll find lots of shots in the members area of double the ass, double anal shots and yummy pink shots too.

Switching gears big time here…Last night was a bummer night for me. Life is just that way sometimes, just the way it is. Ups and downs, you just take the good with the bad.  But, it is another day and I always try to stay positive and look at the good things. I dont deal well with death, never have… I don’t think many people do though and of course we all deal with it in our own way too. Unfortunately, its a part of life. So, again this is an odd blog entry but thats my life… porn and reality mixed in one!

Sending you all a lot of love and good thoughts! Life your life to its fullest always!! and I will do the same.


Catalina Cruz

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