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EXPOSED: Tom Sizemore Sex Tape

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Tom Sizemore shamed on leaked sex tape

EXPOSED: Tom Sizemore Sex Tape

Tom Sizemore is known as one of the most educated actors in Hollywood but that hasn’t stopped him from making some
really stupid mistakes like marrying Heidi Fleiss or smoking Methamphetamine. This collection of sex tapes shows this
talented actor high on something and fucking the snot out of some hookers, which is what you do when your career is
in the dumps.

This is by far the trashiest celebrity sex tape we have come across and it involves the overweight train wreck
fucking a collection of hookers in every hole. We get to see nice close-up shots of his ‘HEIDI’ tatoo as he
rams his rental-lovers hard with his ever-ready cock. He reportedly suffers from priapism which results in steadfast
and sometimes painful erections. A never-ending hard-on wouldn’t be as painful as realising the only way to save
your career is to pay someone to fuck you and release your own seedy ‘celebrity’ sex tape.

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