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She Devils Day On Set

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Well first and foremost…I remember driving and thinking…I had just got married two weeks prior and here I am driving onto a porn set with my now new husband. It was then that I felt completely lucky, a little bit crazy and a whole lot turned on. I seriously felt myself get wetter and wetter as we neared. Just the idea of watching my husband watch not only one girl but two get fucked….well it still gets me going.  Although many of us had been to our prior set “The Naughty House”… I was the first from our team in San Diego to visit the new set. So we pull in behind these buildings…nothing looking like a studio yet…  breakfast was being prepared, AWESOME…since I hadn’t eaten and woke at the butt ass crack of dawn to drive to the City of Angels.  My husband and I were greeted by a long time friend from Diego… our boy… our pal… Phil A. I was still anxious to see everything inside….wondering what could be hidden beyond those industrial walls…it wasn’t looking so glamorous yet!!!!! 

alan-stafford.jpgThen all at once….I mean, it is a rare moment when a man other than my husband can catch my eye, but it happened. Come on now I watch porn for a living….I have more than enough eye candy….Right!?!?  Wrong!!!  Although I had seen him so many times before I had never seen him like this….standing on a dirt driveway …somewhere in an industrial area…..I don’t know how it happened but he looked like a god!!!  It was as if the light illuminated around his chiseled body!!…snap girl, snap back and don’t forget whose hand you are holding!!!   Man oh mighty, it was Alan Stafford and he was looking edible…aaaahhh lucky I tell you!! O.K. so the hug and greet by Phil put my mind back onto work and I remembered that I wasn’t there to groupie out on stars. I grabbed my work bag and went into greet everyone.  


Once inside there was so much going on…..such a completely different set up from the time before. There were lighting and camera people….there were make-up artist and hair designers….I don’t know how these performers do it!!  Talent I tell you!!!  So I traveled to LA for business and pleasure…. with my job… the two go so hand-in-hand!! I would spend a day on set in silent observation and then we would be off on our way downtown for LA Erotica.  The crew was delightful as always and there was a lot of excitement in the air about LAE.  My husband and I posted ourselves to the back of Brett Brando’s set.  This is where My First Sex Teacher will be filmed in only moments.  Being the Professional Pervert that I am I of course wanted a good view…not only for myself but for this gorgeous man I call hubby…..after all this was going to be a threesome.  The scene being shot would actually be a script that I wrote….kind of corny but it was fun to watch it all come full circle.  Brett worked his magic making sure that everyone felt comfortable.  Then… in walked the ladies (oh ya and there was a guy there also….lol) The girls looked gorgeous. Trina Michaels is more sensational in person.  Sweet as sugar….and so so beautiful. Also being filmed was a little blonde hotty Lachelle.  I was a little disappointed with Lachelle performance ….it was somewhat obvious that she wasn’t into the whole girl on girl thing…but like I said Trina Michaels looked like candy and Lachelle could have done a better job with seducing her!!!  I want to jump up and tell her to lay it on her!!  Once Trina took a cock in her mouth the rest was history….everything seemed peachy and rosey….I am sure I heard birds singing.  It didn’t really matter what else was happening….she oozzeesssssss sensuality and dominates on set.  Eventually Lachelle couldnt help but get more involved…both girls were really getting fucked!!    The room was filled with the echos of the girls breathing and moaning.  Just another wonderful day at NAUGHTY AMERICA…..stay tuned for part two…. 


Everyone took a seat at the back of the room on the other set. …EVERYONE!!!! This was the real deal baby!!  Alan Stafford was about to fuck Ava Devine and Vanessa Videl for a My Friend’s Hot Mom.  Tommy Pistol is about to direct….he takes a seat on the floor and reads over his script.  Photographers are snapping the cameras…the girls are on fire…. there are flashes….the stars are posed……Ava is already getting crazy…..oooppppsss stay tuned!!!! The longer we were there the more people we met and the stories just get better and more personal….


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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007


Katrina Isis and her partner in crime Christina Noir are missing in action. In this weeks episode of My First Sex Teacher Alex Gonz stumbles on a little more than he expected when he went searching for his professors in the teachers lounge. Those test questions don’t seem too important when you see your professors getting it on and want you to join!


Katrina is a dark haired hottie with a banging body, natural breasts, and sexy brown eyes.
Christina is a brunette with abs of steel, big fake boobs, and piercings


*Blow job—both professors have big plans for their student’s big cock.
*Doggie—Alex is getting an A+ in professor Noirs class.
*Missionary—Professor Isis is having a hard time licking her coworker’s pussy because Alex is fucking her so good.
*Reverse cowgirl—Professor Noir refuses to be neglected by her favorite student she needs his cock in her pussy too.

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Darryl Hanah and Alana Evans Share Hot Young Cock

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007


Any red blooded American man would dream of having a beautiful sex teacher… but to have two….well that is just a fantasy!! Today Kris Slaters fantasies come true when he fucks two hot professors in this episode of My First Sex Teacher. When Professor Darryl Hanah doesn’t show up for a lunch date, Professor Alana Evans goes looking for her. Much to her surprise she finds her fucking a student. Professor Evans is upset but only because Professor Hanah isn’t sharing. Perhaps they were going out for lunch but the only thing on the menu now is hot young cock.


Darryl Hanah: a hot beautiful blond with a thirst for young cock and wet juicy pussy… She has green eyes, pearly white teeth, a tan body, real tits and long legs.

Alana Evans is another gorgious blond with , pearly white teeth, big fake boobs and long legs.



Missionary: Kris fucks Darryls pussy first

Fingercuffing: Kris Fucks Darryl, Darryl eats Alana

Doggy: Kris fucks Professor Hanah from behind while she continues to please the lovely Professor Evans…her pussy is so fucking wet.

Lay down sideways missionary: two professors lay back to back and Kris takes turn entering one pussy then the other.

Reversed cowgirl: Darryl clims on a rides his hot young cock while Alana focuses on her clit!!

Blow job: Alana blows Kris as he exits and teases Darryls pussy…

Cowgirl: Alana climbs on board for a little ride.

Blow job finale‘ : Alans sucks cock, Darryl sucks balls and then they switch!!

Cum shot on faces of both ladies!! The ladies baby-bird the cum back and forth until every drop is gone!

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Aubrey Addams Fucks Carmella Bing For Boyfriend’s Grade

Monday, May 14th, 2007


Um Hello…This episode of My First Sex Teacher features an awesome threesome!! Camella Bing isn’t at all interested when Alan offers to eat her pussy in hopes to earn a better grade. Making the grade means taking a trip with his hottie girlfriend Aubrey Addams. When Alan breaks the news to Aubrey that their Spring Break trip is over….Aubrey tells him to sit tight. Entering the classroom in a hurry Aubrey passes Alan and approaches Professor Bing with a hunger in her eye!! Hungry to please the Professor, up the grade and hit the road to Mexico!! I love the fact that when Aubrey enters she is not at all interested in Alan….straight to business. Excitement overcomes Carmella, she is super attracted to Aubrey!! She tells her how beautiful her young pussy is as she flicks her clit with her tongue. Aubrey finally invites her boyfriend to put his cock in her mouth. “Look at the Professor lick my ass!! I didn’t know she was freaky like that!!”

carmellabing2.gifSo now Carmella eats Aubrey’s pussy and Aubrey is sucking on Alans cock. The Professor asks them if they are wanting to go to Cancoon? “Well if so, I will be fucking your boyfriend!” Alan is excited by this but not half as much as Aubrey! She has never seen anybody fuck her boyfriend before. “You’re so nasty and I fucking love it!!”


eats pussy: Carmella eats Aubrey

blow job: Aubrey blows Alan

missionary: Alan fucks Carmella

doggy: Alan fucks Aubrey

missionary sideways: Alan finishes with a hard pump

Carmella Bing is a hot brunette with a huge rack. She is super pretty and loves a nasty girl!!

Aubrey Addams: a young blonde with a thirst for adventure. She has small natural breast and a tight fit body.


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Porsha Rides Her Student Teacher

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007


In this episode of My First Sex Teacher, the lovely Porsha Ride sits very calm and cool. Unlike her student helper Anthony who is a frazzled mess. He can not handle the pressure. Soon he will be in front of the class teaching a room full of meat heads. He has snapped and isn’t even giving his girlfriend sex at home. The teacher knows that all he needs to do is release some of his testosterone.  Soon enough she takes the shaft of his cock in her hands and the head of his cock in her mouth. 


 Porsha is a fine blond with legs for days.  She has long hair, blue eyes and a body that will work out all of her students anxieties. 



Blow Job: she swirls, sucks and swallows him whole.
Eats Pussy: just enough to get her wet..

Missionary: laid back on her desk she takes his hard cock deep in her teacher pussy. He fucks her until she cumming..taking his cock out and smacking her clit!!

Doggy: with her bent over the desk we get a birds eye view of her long legs and tight ass.
Eats Pussy: Anthony returns a favor by eating the teachers tight pussy. 

Reverse Cowgirl: she grinds, slides and takes his big thick dick deep!!

Cum shot on face: she sucks his balls until he unloads his hot cum on her face!

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007


Being almighty alumni has its benefits in this My First Sex Teacher. When Gabriela Rossi questions Scott Nails on his performance in class, he admits he really doesn’t have to make the grade in any of his classes! “Do you know who my dad is?” Mrs. Rossi doesn’t know who is dad is, but one thing she does know…..She’s going to get her hands on her hot young students cock!!!!!!


Gabriela is a hot brunette with milky white skin, a tight ass, and fake full breast. She’s the kind of teacher that all the young students want to watch at the chalk board.



*Blow job—she gives him a hot teacher blow job

*Doggie—he’s pounding her wet pussy

*Missionary—the desk is surely getting some action

*Cum shot—after she licks up his cum she mentions that it taste much better than his dads

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007


India Summer is one hot professor! If I were in need of one I’d love to have her as My First Sex Teacher!There is something about her voice that I just love, not to mention her long black hair, great figure, her kind eyes, and I love her natural boobs! Professor Summer enters her vacant class room only to find the custodian cleaning away….. She looks up at the board and can’t believe what she is seeing….. The really challenging math problem that has been up for the last two weeks has been solved….. Who dun nit???? He asks the custodian if he solved the problem, and at first he tells her that it wasn’t him, but she knows, being that she was just in her room five minutes prior and it wasn’t figured out. So then she wonders if he is the one leaving the apples on her desk….. Hmmmmmmmmindiasummer2.jpg

He is kind of shy and tells her that he needs to go and clean other rooms but she grabs him and tells him that “An intelligent man really turns her on!!!!!!”



Blow job: she’s a slurper ;)

Cunnilingus: fingering and licking action

Missionary: “Give me that fucking cock!”

Missionary(Anal):Give my butthole a good work out

Reverse Cowgirl(Anal): She rides his cock like a champ

Doggy: ” Cum on, fucking take my ass!”

Cum shot : On her glasses and face!

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