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Catalina Cruz masturbating

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Had a hard time sleeping last night. Too many things going on at once lately and I had a hard time shutting it down so I masturbated again even after having my live show last night.  I swear it is the best medicine and helps me sleep sometimes. Not ashamed to let this be known. More need to use it instead of sleeping pills.

Today I have a few beauty appts. Most girls love to get pampered but honestly sometimes I do and dont. I can get antsy because it can take so long to get your nails done, facial, whatever. I actually love to work and get things done so I guess I am just hyper.  But, I must stay beautiful while I can. lol I have two shoots next week that I am really looking forward to. Of course, you all will come along with me and get access to whatever trouble I get myself into as always!

Thats all for now. My live cam show from last night will be in the archive a bit later today so check out the members area hompage for the whole unedited show if you missed it. Sound like a broken record when I tell you this but there are always new members coming in too.

Enjoy your day!


Catalina Cruz

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