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Catalina Cruz dildo

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

It’s Saturday morning, sitting here with the windows open and the birds chirping which is pretty rare to do here in AZ during the summer. Usually in early mornings, it is already blow dryer heat where your face literally melts as you stand there for five minutes so needless to say it is gorgeous here right now:)

I have added my live cam show from Thursday night into the archive section of my members area unedited with sound and a larger window than the live show.  My friend, Mr. double ended dildo made an appearance for the hour. It was interesting to hear in the chat that some had never seen one before and wanted to know what you do with it. Oh the things that are possible with two ends! I proceeded to show the viewers what you can do. If you have ever listened to Bubba the Love Sponge on Sirius radio, they call it the U-turn Jones:) I ended up having two orgasms for the hour which normally I just have one during my shows so I guess I had a REALLY great time! Here is a little thumbnail from the very beginning of my show.

Today, I am working on the computer this morning and then running errands for my upcoming shoot that is happening June 23-24th in Vegas. 

I am auctioning off my panties for charity, breast cancer. There are only six days left to make a bid. 100% of the money goes to breast cancer, not me. These are special panties worn in my XXX video w/ Lela Star and in two photo galleries too where I was a very naughty girl.  Here is the link to register for free and then make a bid. Make sure to do a search for my name so you do not get lost on that site, its easy to get lost.  Lets make a difference for women everyone!! >>>>

All my lovin’

Catalina Cruz
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Catalina Cruz Blowjob

Monday, June 8th, 2009

What happens in Vegas usually ends up on my website:) Someone recently told me that on twitter and I thought it was cute. So, in honor of that I just added a new boy-girl photoset that goes along with my Vegas Jackpot video for you.  They were all shot candidly, not a ton of makeup and just me naturally giving a nice blowjob. Here is a few teasers for you to get you warmed up for the rest inside the members area.

I’m going back to Las Vegas in fact in two weeks for some more website adventures and of course you all will go along for the ride with my video camera.  I may schedule a live cam show while I am there as well. I will have to see what all we have planned first.

My next live show is this coming Thursday, June 11th at 10pm est.  I’m so happy that my lip injury went down overnight. I was putting away a box full of vibrators and dildos and as I was sliding the box up above me, the box opened up and they all fell on me and one of the hard, plastic ones hit my lip. I was thinking are you kidding me?? How do you get injured by a freakin vibrator.  lol So for all of you that knew this from me twittering about it, the swelling went down:)
Anyway… hope to see you at my live show this Thursday.

Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz News

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Hey everyone:) Just a quick update for those that were wondering how Brandon’s surgery went. He is home resting and it went smooth. He is a sleepy guy right now. Thx for the thoughtful e-mails and twitter direct messages.  Boy, is he talkative under the influence and already trying to work, he is a workaholic. no doubt 🙂 He is so happy to be alive. Surgery is a scary thing even if its a quick one. I am a happy girl too.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in to say hello! See you all this Thursday live on my cam!



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Catalina Cruz Playboy Tv E-Rotic

Monday, March 9th, 2009

It looks like I have my own cooking show in this photo ) The only thing getting oiled up is the breasts and it’s not the turkey! Tip of the day…. do not use olive oil as lube, it certainly doesn’t smell very good! This video will be coming soon to my members area.

I just found out that my segment on Playboy TV will start airing starting April 24th. The show is called E-Rotic and features America’s Sexiest websites. You can see the times and schedule on Just view the month of April.

I am so looking forward to next week, spring break!! I am taking a little vacation this year and I am so ready to let loose. You all wear my ass out!! ) If you see me in the city of sin don’t hesitate to say hello.

See you tomorrow at my live cam show!



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