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Mrs. T. Stone, Dave Cummings, Tyce Bune

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

Dave Cummings just got a call regarding another lonely house wife that wants some time with a stud that can fuck her in ways she can only vaguely remember. Mrs. T. Stone is there to take a seriously intense pounding from a stud at least half her age and she can’t wait to see how enormous his dong is going to be. Dave brings Tyce Bune along because he knows he likes chesty MILFs that haven’t had their rafters cleaned in a while. When they get there the curtains are drawn and the living room will be their chamber.

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Mrs. J. Noble, Dave Cummings, Lee Stone

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Mrs. J. Noble is tired of her husband’s excuses around the house whenever she wants to fuck. She knows he can get it up for that young model of a babysitter, so he should be able to plow her on command. But since he isn’t willing, or isn’t able, she called in Dave Cummings. The old dude showed up and right away she was worried. She didn’t want some old guy that wasn’t going to be able to get it up either, but he assures her that he won’t be her stunt dickhead today, Lee Stone will. And he’s ready to bang her every way she can take it.

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Mrs. L. Rio, Dave Cummings, John Strong

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Mrs. L. Rio has just gotten back from a long business trip to find that her husband still hasn’t looked into any kind of therapy for the fact that he can’t get it up. So she made an immediate call to get his rump in gear. Not to someone for him, but for her. She called Dave Cummings over and when he got there he saw just what had to be done. A quick shout out to John Strong and there was a nice giant weiner there for her to enjoy right in front of her husband. That should get the point across well they figured.

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Mrs. K. Knox, Dave Cummings, Tony Tedeschi

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Mrs. K. Knox has always wanted to get banged in her garden. It’s one of those things on her sexual to do list. She wants it but her husband won’t fuck her out there. He says it’s too dirty and there’s too many chances to get hurt. He’ll bang her missionary in the bedroom and that’s it. So she calls her friend Dave Cummings to come over and see about getting her a guy to fuck her in all the right positions in all the right places where she’s spent so much time cultivating nature. Tony Tedeschi comes over hard.

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Mrs. P. Kramer, Dave Cummings, Wesley Pipes

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Mrs. P. Kramer has been working for months and needs some serious attention. When she gets home though he husband is always too busy for her and it’s gone from an okay thing to something that needs to be taken care of so she called Dave Cummings. He brought Wesley Pipes with him to see if maybe a huge ebony manhood could do the trick. She was so excited at the fact that they were coming she got half naked for their arrival and when that oversize prick came out she almost dove on it to get it inside of her.

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Mrs. S. Haight, Dave Cummings, Nick Manning

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Filthy blond Mrs Haight is about to get banged while her husband watches! Porn guy Nick Manning is the stud enlisted to do the damage today, and he lifts Mrs Haight up on to the pool table while he licks her shaved vag. Her tattooed husband looks on with a mix of jealousy and fascination as Nick orally pleasures Mrs Haight better than he ever could. Soon the stacked blond housewife is drinking for cock, and so Nick fucks her in every position on top of the pool table. At one point she gets on top, flicking her clit and staring straight in to her husband’s eyes with a look of pure disgust on she takes her pleasure on Nick’s big shlong.

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Mrs. S. Jaye, Dave Cummings, Tyce Bune

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Mrs. S. Jaye is about to get what she’s been hoping for all along. She’s one of the hottest whores in the city, and she knows the men all look at her with lust in their eyes, but she needs to stay true and righteous to her husband. Even though he isn’t performing at home. But to give him some incentive she lets him know she’s going to take a dong from one of the local dickhead mongers in the city, and he’ll have to watch. So she calls Dave Cummings and he gets Tyce Bune on the horn to get over there and bang her silly.

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Mrs. M. Tanner, Dave Cummings, Mark Anthony

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Mark Anthony just got a call from Dave Cummings. He was saying that he just sent a couple of his other guys to take care of one problem in a neighborhood, but he’s been paged out to another with a similar issue. She’s saying she requires to know what a ebony penis is like and he’s down to his last man. Dave knows it’s Mark’s day off but this slut is insistent and he thought he should at least make the offer before refusing her for the day. Mrs. M. Tanner feels like she’s waited long enough to know.

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