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Brittany Craft, John, Nick Manning

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Blond harlot Brittany Craft finally gets to have a decent dicking in this brutal cuckolding video. She hasn’t been getting what she needs from her little weiner wimp of a husband, so she manages to convince him to let her bang another guy – cleverly making him think it was his idea. When she sees the hefty wang waiting for her on the bed, she can’t wait to give it up for this well hung stranger. She engulfs his prick in her mouth eagerly, then wantonly spreads her legs for him to slide inside while her husband looks on and touches his little diddle. The man bangs the shit out of her in the dirtiest way, finally giving her what she needs.

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Alex Verduci, Dave Cummings, Rod Fontana

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

The urgan legend goes that ebony studs are supposed to have big dongs, but unfortunately for blond housewife Alex Verduci, that didn’t come true with her husband! He’s got a tiny little tool that’s barely bigger than her little finger, and she is sick and tired of not getting the full penetration that she craves. However, her husband is accepting of his shortcomings, and he agrees to let her get fucked by a better hung dude – just as long as he gets to watch! He looks on in sick fascination as Alex has her twat eaten by shaven headed guy Penis Fontana, who quickly slides into her shaved slit, making the filthy MILF moan in ecstasy.

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Lizzy Law, Dave Cummings, Marty Romano

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Lizzy Law became a lawyer because she wanted to help people, but she didn’t know that it would mean she would have to lose her social life for it. She got together with her husband more out of convenience, but she never sees him because he’s a lawyer too. So when she’s home and available he isn’t, and vice versa. She’s called Dave Cummings to give her a hand with this problem. Dave knew just the right kind of stud to bang a lawyer, one that had been banged by a few himself. Marty Romano drilled the bitch.

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Mrs. T. Holt, Dave Cummings, Don Hollywood

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Don Hollywood was on call for Dave Cummings new burgeoning business of banging other men’s wives. He got the call that a nice mature tramp wasn’t getting what she needed out of her younger lover. He was good in bed, but didn’t have the experience she deemed necessary so she wanted someone with more experience to come by and show him the ropes by pounding her properly. Don was more than happy and arrived at Mrs. T. Holt’s home with some speed. They got her naked and after a short make-out session they started pumping.

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Julie Faith, Dave Cummings, Julian St. Jox

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Julie Faith has always wondered what it would be like to fuck a black stud, and her husband has always wondered if the rumor of someone going ebony and never coming back was true. So they put a call in to Dave Cummings who, upon hearing their interest and dilemma, called Julian St. Jox who came over straight away. There, on their porch, they husband and wife combo got to learn all kinds of things. How giant manhoods can get, how deep they’ll go, and that you probably shouldn’t let your wife fuck a centerfold.

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Mrs. S. Alonzo, Dave Cummings, Marty Romano

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Mrs. S. Alonzo called Dave Cummings for what she knew she needed. A real meatstick. Her dude has been having the kinds of problems that sometimes a pill will fix, but she’s not really happy with the size he’s packing either. So today she’s going to get what she needs so she can stop thinking about pounding everything that walks near her door. Marty Romano is the man that Dave has come over for the Mrs. and it works out great. He looks something like her husband but at the same time he’s stronger, bigger and better hung

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Mrs. L. Silver, Dave Cummings, John Strong

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Mrs. L. Silver is a wang model. She’ always has been and her husband knows it. What he believes is that if he can satisfy her then she won’t go elsewhere for those long thick tools, but early in the relationship he found out that there was no satisfying her at all. He heard of a service provided by Dave Cummings where they’ll come out and take care of these kinds of problems for you, so he put the call in to see if they were quality. When John Strong arrives he’s confident in giving his wife the number.

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