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Calli Cox, Mrs. C. Frady, Dave Cummings, John Strong

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Mrs. C. Frady called Dave Cummings over for some tea. She wanted him to explain to her husband why they were getting separated and likely to divorce. He wasn’t a marriage councilor is what he explained, but he could get someone over that would certainly drive the point home if that’s what she wanted. So he called John Strong to drop by while they were having a discussion about how terrible her husband was and with him in the room they all got to watch a real dude bang the ever loving hell out of his wife.

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Mrs. F. Morse, Brian Surewood, Dave Cummings, Valentino

Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Brian Surewood and Valentino both got the call from Dave Cummings while they were out together at mall. They were looking for some gifts for their girlfriends and didn’t know what to get them so they wanted to find something that would make each happy. Now they find out there’s another wife in the suburbs looking for a double teaming and they just aren’t sure how to handle that. Mrs. F. Morse is ready for what she calls her first real frat party, but if these mans are no-shows it’ll be over before it starts.

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Mrs. T. Delano, Dave Cummings, Joel Lawrence

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Look at this pounding nerd husband! It’s no wonder that the polo shirt wearing geek can’t satisfy his slutty wife, meatstick hungry whore Mrs Delano. She completely ignores her husband as soon as dude Joel Lawrence comes into the room, fawning over him and obviously desperate for that large dick that she knows is in his pants. With her husband watching, Mrs Delano goes down on Joel, making herself gag on his fat shaft until spit is drooling out of her mouth and onto Joel’s full ballsack. She loves getting it rough and she also loves to ride her stud, squatting down on the manhood in reverse cowgirl while her husband watches in horror.

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Mrs. K. Henson, Dave Cummings, Devlin Weed, Julian St. Jox

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

This whore wife just can’t get enough pecker, and her wimp husband just can’t satisfy her. Mrs Henson really loves large tools, and her husband is a bit lacking in that department! However, lucky for her he an accommodating guy, and he agrees to let his wife get double teamed by dark dudes Devlin Weed and Julian St Fox – just as long as he gets to watch! However, these horny ebony dudes are going to show this filthy white bitch no respect, splitting her open in both her holes right in front of her stud. The look on the husband’s face is priceless as the slutty wife gets double penetrated by these hung dark guys – and she loves every second!

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