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Monday, August 17th, 2009

A new photoset just went up once again for members called “Home Alone”  As requested more photos for you. Over the years I have always wondered if you ever get tired of the photos but you all still request them constantly. There are lots of pink shots in this one. This is a softer, more feminine set with very little makeup. I am the type of girl that really doesn’t like tons of makeup globbed on.  I think I look silly with a ton of it on but thats just imo. Hope you like them. This day in AZ I was very aroused while taking these pictures. It was a good time.

Catch me live on cam this Wenesday, August 19th at 11pm est. My last show was the highest rated with a 9.4. Thanks for having a good time with me!

Qoute of the day… “It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.”  Vince Lombardi  

Always loved this qoute above. This is dedicated to anyone that has been rejected, going through hard times, really anything negative in life from very important things like losing a loved one to a home to minor things like models not getting the gigs or jobs they want ect… use it all as a tool to get motivated and drive you. I always have done this and it seems to work instead of getting depressed and upset. Just have been getting a lot of email lately over ppl going through hard times. Always remember things may change when you least expect it if you are trying.

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