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Park Privates

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Yes, she’s in a public park. Yes, it’s broad daylight. And yes, she is a sweet blonde girl with fabulous knockers. This was no casual stroll for the sexy babe, this was a planned sexy event with a camera crew and everything! She starts out on a bench, somewhat secluded, showing off her pussy. Then she decides to go for a walk on the path and turns around and flashes her jugs whenever she encounters a girl or gentleman. What a vixen this babe is! The vid can be found here, among many many others in the public nudity category.

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Intent To Flash

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I love seeing yummy teens flashing, and here’s yet another one. She was up to something naughty as she left the house today, as she was only wearing those ebony boots and a long dark dress. Under the dress? Absolutely nothing! This girl is a shocker and she loves to surprise people. She takes her coat off and bares all in the woods in broad daylight. You can see this scene and others like it by clicking here. Why don’t you?

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Woman On The Hill

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Look at that lady, up on the hill, flashing her boobs and butt. Sounds almost musical, doesn’t it? This small girl blonde is having a jolly old time up there looking down at the whole city and showing them absolutely everything. She’s adorable and fun, but one thing she isn’t is timid. This petite babe with the yummy white panties is featured and can only be seen on this site – click here now!

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