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Alexis’ Giant Backside Give Cushion For Wangs

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Sexy Alexis Breeze has perky little boobs and a large round anus. Her dripping backside looks great in a thong bikini butts porn and seems to float on the water when she get in the pool. Laying on her belly on the bed, clenching her butt cheeks together her thong is removed and oil is slathered all over her mounds. With her body glistening she crawls towards Falco and his waiting boner. She raises her butt in the air as she polishes his knob to a shine before climbing on top of him and slipping his shaft into her cooche. Her squeezable rump provides all the cushion Falco needs to thrust his tool deep inside her.

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Catalina Cruz thinks about a blow bang

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Back from Vegas! I made memories that I’ll always remember that is for sure! A huge thank you to those of you who came to my live cam shows while I was there. I enjoyed being Christie’s naughty maid for two hours. We warmed up to one another very quickly and I can’t wait to have her back for more live events. Maybe a live blow bang!? If you missed the shows, they will be archived in full very soon.

Here are some random photos from my trip. Some camera and phone pics. As you can see I had some wild drinks while I was there. I dearly paid for it but its rare I let loose and it was so worth it. A highlight from the trip was seeing my girlfriend from Ohio that I went to school with from elementary school to high school. We danced away the night on Saturday at the Venetian! The DJ was a blast that night with us

Goooo Baltimore Ravens! I am so excited for them and I won my bet I placed too which I really didn’t expect to. I think they have a very good chance to win the Super Bowl this year the way they are playing and in sync with one another.

Join me February 2nd for a naughty Super Bowl Cam Event! Kelly will be joining me for some XXX flirty football cam show. Time to be announced in the members area soon.


Catalina Cruz

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