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Honey, Mike, Randy Spears

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Honey and her husband are newlyweds who have a secret fantasy of getting Honey laid by another stud while her husband watches. So Dave Cummings is always the go to guy for this sort of thing and they meet up with him and they find male porn star, Randy Spears. Randy and Honey hook up on the couch while Honey’s husband innocently watches. They started in with a little oral sex on each other, but Honey wanted to feel his massive professional wang inside of her twat. So she sat on his lap and took his shaft up inside her muff and rode herself silly on his weiner. He banged her every which way before finally cumming on her face.

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Annie Body, Mrs. A. Gilbert, Dave Cummings, Tony Tedeschi

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Mrs. A. Gilbert hasn’t had a good pumping in a while. Her ginger hair and porcelain skin are wasted on her husband these days and she requires someone to really appreciate them for what they are. So she calls Dave Cummings over to have a look at her, and he prescribes a giant weiner that knows how to please with a little oral action as well. Her husband isn’t that excited about it, but since he isn’t doing what she requires him to, he stands aside as Tony Tedeschi comes in and takes over for him in his marital bed.

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Mrs. C. Ortega, Dave Cummings, John Strong

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Mrs. C. Ortega is looking for the right kind of pounding. Her guy has given up on her, and doesn’t require to try to get her off anymore so she needs someone that’s going to be willing and able. She put a call into Dave Cummings and he said he should be able to find her someone that can not only get it up, but keep it up the whole time until she finally cums. She might even find that she ejaculates more than once with the large pole she’ll be receiving today. John Strong is the man that gets sent on this cherry job.

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Mrs. M. Hernandez, Brian Surewood, Dave Cummings, Rod Fontana

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Mrs. H. Hernandez is getting herself ready for the next day’s fun in the sun contest when she realizes that her husband just hasn’t been there for her. So she decided that if he won’t be there for her maybe some other men would like to be. After she was all ready for that fun in the sun, she called her friend Dave Cummings and he brought two of the studdliest mans he could find to show her the good time she was so desperate to have. Brian Sherwood and Penis Fontana had worked together before so they were ready.

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Mrs. N. Mann, Dave Cummings, Joel Lawrence

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Just look at this pathetic stud – fat, balding, and generally useless. It’s amazing that he managed to score himself a stacked and attractive blond wife like Mrs Mann, but it’s no wonder that he can’t satisfy her in the sack! Lucky for Mrs Mann, stud Joel Lawrence is here to save the day her wimp husband, unable to bear the thought of another guy pumping his wife, insists on watching. However, he is in for a rough afternoon, because Mrs Mann is moist dripping at the sight of the hung man, and she can’t wait to take his fat dickhead in her slot bareback! She lies back against her husband and screams while Joel pounds her like she needs.

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Mrs. K. Lovell, Dave Cummings, Guy DaSilva, Julian St. Jox

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Mrs. K Lovell has called her old friend Dave Cummings after hearing that he had started a truly unique business. She wants to know if it’s true and for real after hearing from some of her friends that not only was he shelling out some serious wang, but that it was good and worth the time and effort of getting to know the old man. So she has him come over for the day and asks that he bring two of his best. He remembers her and her discerning tastes and brings Julian St. Jox and Guy DaSilva with him.

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Mrs. J. Shamie, Dave Cummings, Guy DaSilva, Julian St. Jox

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

How humiliating has this got to be for this poor husband? He’s balding and getting older, with a small, weak dick that can’t satisfy his much younger wife. Now he gets to watch as the attractive love of his life gets double teamed by a couple of horny black guys – Julian St Fox and Man DaSilva, and these well hung fuckers are going to hold back on the tart! The wife stares straight into her husband’s eyes as she blows both dudes and then gets spit roasted, riding one man’s pole while she sucks the other. Then she lies on her back, sticking her butt up in the air in piledriver while both mans take a turn at riding her deep in the rear end.

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