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Catalina Cruz glamour photos

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Hola! This weekend is Cinco de Mayo! I’m headed to Colorado for the weekend for a race. Excited to go because I’ve never visited the state before. Love seeing new places. Hopefully we will come back safely and with a few great motos (wins!!) fingers crossed

Here are some teaser pro photos shot by my favorite erotic photographer, Holly Randall. I was a very messy girl in Holly’s studio. I had a request to do a shoot with milk. Well, needless to say poor Holly’s studio hopefully wont smell like sour milk eventually from me. I think it most likely took them a few days to clean all of it. Not to mention all the oil spots on the cement floor. One of my most erotic shoots I think over the years. She is very talented and of course I LOVE the fact that she is a girl! Girl Power!!! My members will get full access to all of my extremely high res photos.

My next live event is Tuesday, May 8th. It will be a live full sex boy/girl POV show.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Enjoy your weekend!


Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz naked in Malibu

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Im back from California! What a trip! I shot in an amazing Moroccan mansion in Malibu that had lots of monkeys as pets there! They were so adorable and it was a treat because I love animals. Here are just a few tame photos from my shoot. They were shot by erotic photographer, Holly Randall. It was so hot being shot by a woman I wonder if she saw me blush at times. ha! I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile now so it was a very easy day. The highlight of the day was having Holly on her knees helping to dress me. lol well, have to be honest here. But, boy am I sore. Modeling is a workout. You wouldn’t think so but it is. Hope you all like these teasers. All the photos will be exclusive for members.

To top off the weekend… Green Bay won!!! I wanted them to but really didn’t think they would take it! Congrats green and yellow!! Also, congrats to my Fantasy Football League winner, Rolo T!!! Make sure to email me with your info so you can get your prizes!

I’ll be updating my live show schedule later today so members check back for that. There may be some changes.


Catalina Cruz

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