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Catalina Cruz and Candy Manson threesome

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

So, I got frisked by a very sexy female cop and this pushy detective who wanted to keep me in the slammer. I tend to find my way out of sticky situations. Officer Manson was very sneaky when Detective Michaels wasn’t around. She loves to take advantage of the prisoners The whole unedited live show is going up today if you missed it so make sure you join to see us. It’s one of my all time favorite shows. I love role playing.

Candy and I were also fortune readers in the second live show. I rubbed Candy’s big breasts and answered questions in the chat room. I even revealed who will win this year’s Super Bowl! Here are some teaser photos from our day together.

My next special live Halloween sex events will be Tuesday, October 30th with another special guest to be announced soon.


Catalina Cruz

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