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Catalina Cruz tattoo

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I decided to get a tattoo on my stomache/ribs. I actual got a small burn while I was cooking. Boiling water splashed up and hit my skin and it ended up leaving a slight scar this is what led me to my decision. I love it and it means a lot to me as well. The words say “You are enough” which has many meanings to me. self esteem most of all and to always remember no matter what you are enough. I was in a relationship many years ago that was horribly abusive physically and mentally and was told many of times I was no good and not pretty enough.. ect. He even made me keep my hair very short. A control thing. So, Im very proud of this tattoo. I know some of you will like and some will not, I understand that Let me say this, it did hurt!! Im happy its over. lol I will not lie. So here is a pic of what I got.


Catalina Cruz

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