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EXPOSED: Wanda Nara Sex Tape

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Wanda Nara Naked Sucking and Fucking

EXPOSED:Wanda Nara Sex Tape

This latina beauty has appeared on both television and in men’s magazines in her home country and always maintained that she had not lost her virginity, until this
video came out. Wanda Nara shot to fame after an alleged relationship with Soccer legend Diego Maradonna which he has denied, but she has since confirmed.

Unfortunately there isn’t too much more information to go along with the video, mainly because all the news stories are in spanish and partly because we kept
getting distracted by the site of Wanda’s massive cans. In the video we see this young nubile cutie waxing a pole like she was born for it, running her supposedly
‘pure’ tongue up and down the cock while showing off her ‘unspoiled’ body. Basically this is one hot celeb sex video so come and check it out…

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EXPOSED: Noelia Sex Tape

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Hot Noelia getting fucked in the ass

EXPOSED: Noelia Sex Tape

Noelia shot to fame in the latin pop scene in the late 90’s with some catchy tunes but in more recent
times she has come back into the spotlight because of a sex tape released by her ex-fiance. This saucy video
starts off by showing the latin diva with her legs in the air presenting with herself for the camera.

The action soon progresses to some hardcore sex with Noelia’s tight, tatooed body on full display as she
slides up and down on her partners hard cock before changing positions for some anal action. This spunky latina
singer is responsible for selling more than 3 million albums worldwide….. now she’s going to be responsible
for inducing more than 3 million boners worldwide.

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EXPOSED: Zahra Amir Ebrahimi

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi shamed on leaked sex tape

EXPOSED: Zahra Amir Ebrahimi Sex Tape

This saucy Iranian actress gets her clothes off and takes control of the cock in this 15 minute international sex-fest.
Zahra Ebrahimi plays a very popular character on an Iranian t.v. show called Narges but her popularity probably wont save her
from fines or a possible public lashing due to the distribution of this video. The Iranian laws prohibit the creation and
distribution of illicit material but this scarf wearing hotty was obviously too horny to care at the time, she just wanted
to ride some cock.

In this hot Iranian fuck flick we get some good close-ups of Zahras chest dunes and her smooth, shaved desert cave.
This girl definitely knows how to work a cock as she fucks her lucky partner in a few different positions.
So just because this burqa toting cutie is in hot water over this tape doesn’t mean you cant get hot in the pants while watching.

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