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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I am home from Vegas! These little trips are such nice breaks for me and I come back re-energized and ready to give it to you good again.  I am loving twitter because I was still able to keep in touch and let you all know I was still alive while I was there. I really truly do not know how I will ever retire from my website because I am ADDICTED  and love it!

Speaking of re-energized…. dont forget I have a special live event this coming Friday, October 16th! Two live girl/girl shows. You can watch Lela Star and I live on cam together for the 1st time. We are doing two shows. The 1st one will be at 4pm est and the next at 8pm est.

I will be on PrivateCamz tonight for some private one on ones starting at 8:30pm est if you would like to spend some time with me without the hassle of crowded cam shows.  I will jump on once and ahwile for fun. I will not be taking requested appointments because it is better for me not to be on a schedule and just jump on when I can. This way I will not dissapoint someone if I cannot make a certain time.  This way no feelings get hurt and its a lot of fun for me and its spontaneous.

Thats all for now. Good to be back:)


Catalina Cruz

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