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Thursday, October 1st, 2009

My thoughts on anal sex… I have always been the type to try new things, explore which leads to kinky play during sex. Anal sex still seems to be taboo with a lot of women although the way its looked upon in the porn industry has changed a lot during the years. There are still some big named girls that are now retired that still make it a point publicly to say that they never did anal and almost seem to snub people that do.  To me, if something doesn’t sound desirable to you just dont do it. You are not above others because you choose not to or never did it.

After lots of play with anal plugs, beads and dildos I have discovered a new world of having some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. For me, I think I play on the fantasy of being with two men at the same time. The mind is so powerful so thats what gets me so turned on most of the time.  I will get into more detail in my members area on what has worked for me to get me ready for anal sex and what I really enjoy best when having it.

As I have been playing more with anal sex, I just had a live show yesterday where  I ended up having anal sex live on cam. Here are a few screen captures from the show. The whole unedited show is now up in my archived section if you missed this surprise show. It wasn’t planned either, so I was surprised too!

I had an absolutely wonderful time with a lot of you during my private shows too yesterday. I have never done them before and it was truly really kinky and nice to spend some one on one with some of you for the first time.  I am glad I finally chose to do this. I am really doing it for all of you that have requested it for many years.  I plan on hitting more time zones too. I did the first during the day for out of the country people.  Tomorrow night at 5pm est I will be on private Camz again for the east coast.

Off to edit new videos for you of some of our favorite deliscious Fantasy Girls!


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