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Catalina Cruz next live show March 1

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

So I got lucky in sin city during my live shows. But… that’s about the only luck I had this time. Hey… I’ll take it! Gambled some & went downhill the last day. The good news is I never go with tons of money. I bring what I wont be upset with losing if I do. Ive seen way too many people lose their lives over it. Its not pretty.

As for the sex shows… The shower show is now up in the archive of Sienna & I. We always seem to end up in the water together. We are really porn mermaids We had to scratch the pool show because it was just not warm enough just yet. I’ll plan another one for the summer! The others will be up shortly if you missed them. We had a sybian threesome that had a titty fucking happy ending. It’s most likely every man’s fantasy so make sure to join so you can see the whole hour unedited. It should be archived this week.

A new glamour spread gallery went up while I was away. Here are a few shots from the set.

I spent the day in Fountain Hills today hiking uphill to get to a great view of a mx track. Great way to tone up the booty I love being outdoors. Needed to clear my head.

Thinking of you! I’ll be live again Tuesday.


Catalina Cruz

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