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Catalina Cruz going deep

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Over the years I have gotten emails from women on the topic of masturbation. Specifically wondering if it is normal if their husband/boyfriend masturbates alone and then lies about it or hides it and the frequency that they do. So, recently I got a couple direct message tweets too so I thought I would blog my thoughts on this.

In my opinion, no matter whether a man is happy, unhappy, single, married, has kids, or doesn’t, men are going to masturbate. No matter what you do or don’t do. It has no bearing on what you look like or what you could be. So, the important thing is to not take it personal even though I know this is very hard to do. Men are going to fantasize and have sexual thoughts often. You could suggest to watch adult videos or a website together. I love having couples as members and the ones I have gotten to know a little seem happy and have a lot of fun together. I do believe also in moderation in everything in life including porn. Too much of anything isnt good. For example obviously if you are watching porn constantly day and night and not getting anything accomplished well obviously there is an issue. Trust me, I have been through this even as an adult performer who runs several websites. Jealousy & insecurity can destroy a relationship. Please don’t let it. Enjoy yourself and each other! xo

Here are some screen shots from my last live boy/girl show. I got a surprise cream pie ending It is now up in the archive section if you missed it!

I have a live nude chat tonight at 9pm est for members too!

Reminder – Five more days until the Big Boob Bowl this coming Monday, January 31st!! 7pm est & 8pm est Two shows same night! Hope you’ll join us that night!! Now is the time to be a member. This is going to be a year of spoiling!


Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz Sara Stone

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Here are some random photos from a day in the life of Sara Stone & I from yesterday. She is a handful literally. In my opinion she has the best natural boobs in the adult industry and of course I had the privledge of test driving them. My job is just so hard, I know:) Sex is suppose to be fun and we really hit it off giggling and joking around alot so it made me relax even more which always makes for an incredible orgasm. All of the live shows will be archived in HD if you missed them. 

The next round of special LIVE events is July 15th!! Mark your calendars for another day of nonsense!

Thanks to those of you who came to the shows, we hope you enjoyed them!



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