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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Ever see the movie, Scent of a Woman? I love the way Al Pacino describes what he loves about women when they are on the airplane. I get asked often what type of physical features I am attracted to in both men and women. My answer is similar to his. Tall, short, big breasts, little breasts… its what is between them, a passport to heaven:) Everyone is so different so its hard for me to say I love just one type of person or feature. Variety is the spice of life. I do have a fetish with any type of boobs and on men I love cavs.

Tomorrow I have my very first LIVE sybian cam show at 1pm est.  Members, just follow the link/photo to get to the sybian cam. It’s a different chatroom page than my other shows. You will be able to see and hear me as well as chat just like my other live shows.

Today I have a radio interview again & planning a very special event for you all that will happen in a few weeks. I love surprising you and spoiling you:)

Thats all for now!

Catalina Cruz

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