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Dream Teenager: Mandy

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Mandy from Dream Teenagers
Today’s Dream Teenager: Mandy

Age: 20

Lives: Los Angeles, CA

“Hi guys and girls, I’m Mandy, and welcome ot my site! When I first moved to LA, I had trouble meeting new people (especially guys). I love to have crazy sexual encounters with new and exciting people, I dont like being tied down much and prefer just to have a good time (I’ll try anything once!) – so I decided to send my pictures in to the Dream Teenagers guys in the hopes I could find someone online to spend some time with me in LA.

As you can see form my photos I’m not shy, but you haven’t seen them all yet! There is all sorts of crazy things I do on the camera but that is only for VIP members! You can write me email and request special photos and videos of me in the VIP area too! all you have to do is meet me inside. So why not, come have some fun with me and the other girls, I’m sure you will enjoy us :)”

View her full profile and naked pics here

Shafted: Kelly and Sara

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Kelly and Sara from Arse Shafters
SHAFTED: Kelly and Sara

Whoever said two is better than one was damn fucking right! Kelly and Sara were two young country hornbags who wanted us to make them famous. We said we’d try and took them out back, got them fucking each other, plowing deep into each others pussy.

Once we threw in our man Billy, the arse destruction began, smashing those tight teen starfish butts, making them cum from continual anal attacks. Double the arse, double the shaft, double the fun!

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Cameron Diaz in softcore bondage film?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Cameron Diaz

Charlies Angels star before she was famous bondage flick!

Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywoods biggest stars, with major movies under her belt such as ‘theres something about mary’, ‘the mask’ and ‘charlies angels’

In July 2004, an amateur kinky bondage sex video surfaced on the Net, featuring a 19-year-old Cameron. It involves her dressing up all in leather with her perky tits exposed. She also has to get her nipples hard using an air gun. She then dominates some other big guys, before doing some sexy little dances with the other people who are being filmed.

You can watch the video here

There’s some nice pics of Cameron over here too.

Milf Seeker 8

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Milf Seeker 8Mother I’d Like to Fuck- that says it all. We have hit the streets in search of more of the nation’s sexiest moms. This episode features six of the horniest matriarchs the good ole U.S. has to offer. These old broads need some young cock so bad their pussies itch. Luckily we found a couple well-endowed studs to give them a scratch.
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College Wild Parties 4

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

College Wild Parties 4College, a time for learning, partying and most importantly fucking. The fouth edition of College Wild Parties visits six hot campus shindigs. The music is pumpin’, the beer is flowin’ and the kids are humpin’. Watch crazy college coeds getting butt naked and fucking anyone that gets in the way, Ohhhh College.
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Dream Teenager: Madison

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Madison from Dream Teenagers
Today’s Dream Teenager: Madison

“Hey, I’m Madison! I just turned 18 and finished high school, woohoo! Now that I’ve left school I want to experience life to the full, and have as much sex as possible. I want nothing more than to lay down with a man and woman and explore the heights of sexual stimulation. I want to feel a woman’s naked body against mine, and a man as deep inside me as he can go. And I want other people to see! I took these photos of myself in the hopes of meeting someone on the Internet, as I dont know anyone where I live. I sent them to Dream Teenagers so they might help me find someone to play with. I am really lonely and horny, will you be my sex guide?”

View her full profile and naked pics here

Shafted: Laura

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Laura from Arse Shafters

Eurpoean girls always get our dicks hard with their tight waists, great tits, and perfectly tappable arses. Laura’s shaved snatch was so tight and wet when we got her out of her clothes, it was obvious we could fuck this girl all night and all day and she would just love the cock.

Truly, her arse just wont quit, it took thrust after hard thrust as we explored deep into her sexy euro rump. And she took it with a smile. You got to love Europe!

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British star the latest caught in home sex video

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Abi Titmuss

Famous Brittish Celebrity in Lesbian Home Movie!

Abi Titmuss of the British weekday afternoon show Richard and Judy fame seen fully nude as she bends over and gives a guy a blowjob as he lies on a bed. Then, she lays down on a bed with her legs spread as a black girl gives her oral sex. The guy holding the camera then moves up so that Abi can go down on him while the other girl continues to eat Abi out.

Back to Abi and the black nude girl, playing with each others breasts as Abi talks to the camera while lesbian kissing with a lot of tongue for a while before kneeling down next to a couch. The black girl then licks her butt and goes down on her and then lies on a bed while Abi fucks her with a dildo.

I tracked down a free sample here.

For anyone who wants to see the full thing, Paparazzi Filth Exposed has it.

Dream Teenager: Lauren

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Lauren from Dream Teenagers
Today’s Dream Teenager: Lauren

“Hello and welcome to my little website. I am sure you will like what you see! A while ago a girlfriend of mine turned up late one night after breaking up with her boyfriend. We chatted until early into the morning and ended up together in bed. It was the hottest thing I’d ever done! Making love to a woman was so amazing, I had to have more. I found this site to find some more girls, and I found lots of them to play with! And the best part is we’ve filmed it all.

You can see us licking and playing all you want, if you come into our private area! All the girls and I love getting naked and having sex on camera, I wish you could come watch.”

View her full profile and naked pics here

Babysitter: Alana

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Alana from I Fucked the Babysitter

Alana is desperate for a babysitting job, and this family is the strangest she will ever meet.

After a grueling interview by Mr Johnson, Alana is given the job. However, these weird “children” sexually attack her while she is sleeping!

If she wants to keep her job, she also has to convince Mr Johnson, and the only way to do that is to suck his knob dry. One of Mr Johnson’s friend is there, so Alana gets a double injection of cock!

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