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Trinity Post Swallowed My Gooey Cum Load

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Trinity Post heard thru a friend that the crew at the Big Swallow was looking for new talent. She dropped by the studio. Red head, smooth legs, juicy ass and a shaved snatch, she was perfect. I chatted with her a bit and found out she was a sucker for enormous cocks with a specialty in cum swallowing. What a nasty slut! She took the initiative and hiked up her mini skirt, massaging her pussy, licking her lips and asking me for my cock. I jumped beside her, dropped my jeans and shocked the shit out of this redhead with my 12 inch cock. I thought she would chicken out but Trinity Post grabbed my massive cock and tried to deep throat it. Next, she rode my cock twice and screamed for more until I shot my load down her throat. Trinity Post swallowed every last drop. DOWNLOAD another cum swallowing movie ONLY at

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Amy Valore Face Smothered in Cum

Friday, June 27th, 2008

When Amy Valore saw me staring at her nice huge breasts, she gave me a naughty smile that meant only one thing, she was horny too. She quickly grabbed my bulging crotch, stroked it and gave it a tease of a lick. She then unzipped my pants and put my cock directly in her mouth. She deep throated my massive dong like the little slut she was. Bobbing up and down, licking my balls, swirling her tongue around the tip. I was stiff as a post by now and ready to tear apart her pink moist pussy. I opened her creamy thighs, thrust my cock deep inside her pussy walls and rammed in 4 different positions until I was ready to unleash my man goo all over her pretty blonde grill. Check out the FULL movie ONLY at

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Cumshot to the Grill for Lucky Benton

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

I was surprised to find Lucky Benton flat on her back, spread eagle, playing with her MILF pussy while massaging her enormous natural tits. I sat back and watched her for about 10 minutes. I was determined to wait for just the right time before I barged in the scene, but just like any guy, my testosterone level was rising, my cock was growing harder by the minute and I had to fuck her. I walked up to Lucky, who was sitting on the couch, she grabbed my cock, deep throated it, titty fucked it, and then begged for me to bang her. I laid her down, opened her creamy thighs, stuck my cock in and out, grabbed her huge tits while her moans grew louder and louder. I fucked her harder and harder in 6 different positions until I had to unleash my nut butter all down her cheeks. I think it was my lucky day!

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I Got Owned – Winter Sky

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Winter Sky came in looking dandy as ever. We met through a mutual friend and had fucked on the side a few times. Winter was a great lay but refused to swallow my creamy load. I was disappointed to say the least. I made a deal with Winter. Cum into the studio, fuck me on film, swallow my load and I would pay her 1000 dollars cash. I swear this girl was working me. She smiled and said sure thing. I booked her studio time for the very next day. Winder put on one hell of a show, teasing me with her tight pussy I knew so well, smacking her ass, licking her lips just waiting for me to stick her. But before that she had to give me a blowjob and boy what a blowjob it was. She was all over my cock like a fat kid eating cake. Licking, rubbing, spitting, massaging my balls, all in the name of money. When she could tell I was close to cumming she jumped up, spread her legs, and told me to come and get her. I rammed my cock hard and fast, in and out of her tight pussy till she was screaming, I am cumming. Then I pulled out and shoved my cock down her throat and unleashed my load. Winter swallowed every last drop. I got owned.

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Good to the Last Drop – Sami Scott

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Sami Scott is a cum guzzling babe and she was more than willing to do a scene for The Big Swallow. After some small talk, Sami quickly removed her clothes to get down to busniess. And down she went, right on her knees to deep throat my big cock as she played with her clit. I like a pornstar that can multitask. Once I was stiff enough I had Sami Scott mount me for a cow girl ride that only a professional bull rider could do better than her. She slammed her dripping wet pussy up and down till I almost thought she broke it. It was now my turn to take control. I flipped her over, smacked that MILF ass and thrusted my cock in and out till I was ready to pop. Since this is a shoot for the Big Swallow, I pulled out, shoved in down her throat and shot my load. Sami Scott swallowed every last drop. Big ups Sami!

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Kira Knight Gags on My Cumload

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Kira Knight was all revved up and ready to get laid when I found her in the studio. This petite chick looks really hot in her polka dot bikini, slightly revealing her scrumptious goods. She came by to show me her newly discovered skill and I was surprised to see her getting all moist as she rubs her pussy and fondles her small tits. Kira grabbed my cock the instant she saw it, sucking it like there is no tomorrow. I was more than ready to fuck the hell out of this petite babe, slamming it directly home as I thrust deeper and faster from behind. The doggie style was definitely her favorite and Kira’s moans were just ear piercing. I want to hear more of her crazy fuck begging. We just kept on flipping on the couch as I clobber her moist pussy more until I was about to explode. I was about to pop then but Kira grabbed my cock again and began to stroke and suck it, getting a mouthful of my creamy filling. Seconds passed and Kira opened her mouth, she swallowed everything I fed her. Kira can surely swallow cum big time!

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Big League Facial – Deena Daniels

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Nasty chick Deena Daniels confesses that she needs a hot and creamy facial as much as a sizzling sex. I couldn’t wait to get the fucking started. I dropped to my knees, fingered her shaved snatch while I licked her clit. Deena Daniels returned the favor by working my cock. She stroked the shaft, sucked my balls then started to gag on my stickmeat as she slammed her head all the way down to the base. My cock was at attention. I bent her over to plow her tight slit till I creamed a cumshot all over her pretty grill. Big league facial indeed Deena!

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Cum Swallower – Adrianna Deville

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

When sexy Adrianna Deville told Julian during the interview that she loved sucking cock for as long as she could remember, I nearly lost my load right then. She said the best part was tasting the sticky finish as it slid down her throat. You talk about getting turned on. Adrianna was really into the whole cum swallowing concept and I was more than ready to give her a sticky sample of my gooey finish. She squatted right down to suck my dick as I walked into the room and after she got me hard, Adrianna wasted no time jumping on top for a fuck ride. She had a great smooth shaved pussy that felt just right wrapped around my meat but Adrianna Deville was more interested in getting me back in her mouth for another round. I wasn’t quite through slamming her pussy so I bent her over and banged her hard doggie style before I split her legs wide open to pound her some more. Adrianna started begging for my cumshot and when I finally exploded, she got on her knees and opened wide as I gave her a cumshot right down her throat. That’s what I call a cum swallowing pro!

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Cum Swallower – Scarlett Pain

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’ve always had the hots for Scarlett so when I saw the opportunity to bang her pussy really hard, it got me excited. I didn’t hesitate to shove my big fat cock inside her mouth before I started pummeling her cunt. I ended the whole fracas by unloading all of my jizz inside her mouth before she swallowed every trace of it. Watch Scarlett when she takes all of my sperm when you Click Here!.

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Taylor Doesn’t Gag on My Cum Load

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Taylor told us she found out she liked swallowing cum when she gave her ex boyfriend some extra special head for his 18 birthday. She said she had a slight gag reflex and still does sometimes when a load is shot down here throat but she really doesn’t care because she likes the sensation and taste so much. Now that’s a real trooper. I planned on dumping enough juice down her throat to gag anyone but I hoped I didn’t have to give Taylor the Heimlich or anything like that. This blondie had sex written all over her and after we felt each other up along with lots of licking and sucking, she jumped right on me for slamming backward cowgirl ride. I flipped and toyed with Taylor all over the couch, drilling her sweet shaved snatch while working up a huge eruption. I had Taylor by the ankles, pounding away when I felt ready to cum. Taylore dropped to her knees and as I held her chin, I blasted a stream of juice down her throat. Taylor took it all and no gagging.

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