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EXPOSED: Audrina Partridge

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Audrina Partridge naked and posing
Audrina Partridge nude

EXPOSED: Audrina Partridge Playboy Photos

Audrina Partridge is a hot brunette from the new MTV television series ‘The Hills’ which is supposed to be ‘reality’ tv but its even more fake than
Pamela Anderson’s giganto tits. Anyway she has been caught out with the release of these saucy shots from Playboy.

These dirty photos were taken when Audrina had just finished high school and was ‘very trusting of others’ which means she would have sucked your cock
if it meant that you told 3 people how good she was. Anyway the set is pretty hot with Audrina showing off her own Hills in a few different poses and places.
One thing i have to say is, no matter how fake this girl is, her boobs are all and thats about all I care about.

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Hot MTV 'The Hills' chick Audrina Partridge nude

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