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Thursday, March 12th, 2009

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My day started as usual waking up at 5:30am. I feel like I have a built in alarm clock, but I always feel like I got enough sleep lately. I have just been thinking about everything I have to get done each day. I worked on a brand new video of petite, hottie Lela Star early this morning which will go up today. I just added three new videos of me the past week or so too. My cam show from Tuesday is now in the archive as of yesterday. Brandon joined in for all of our enjoyment too! He has a double hernia that he is getting surgery on this month and he amazed me with his performance live on cam. The rocket was able to blast off with no problems ) So, check it out when you have some playtime.

My thoughts are drifting off today, thinking about “Mask” the founder of Tapout, a brand name MMA clothing line. He was killed in a high speed crash in the early morning hours this past Wednesday. It’s really horrific and sad. I have always been a fan of Tapout and watched their reality series everytime it was on. I loved how creative and driven we was to succeed and get the brand name out there. The whole group is amazing and I only hope they can all heal in time. I was at a UFC fight in Vegas awhile ago and the whole Tapout crew was so friendly and approachable. The type that if you yell out their name or want to talk they embrace it. I love that quality in people. Anyway, just wanted to air out my thoughts. I know their has been a mixed reaction due to the racing and wondering whether drinking was involved but I say who am I to judge, we all make mistakes in life. The difference is that his was deadly, just hopefully it will make us all think twice in the future.

Thinking of you today and hoping you are having a smooth day.

Love, Catalina Cruz

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