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Catalina Cruz Florida Trip

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I’m home from a webmaster show in Florida. Most of all I am happy I survived the long flight and we had kickass pilots and weather so very little turbulance. The simple things like not wanting to die just yet make me happy. lol

It was a smaller show this time but was still surprised to see as many people as I did. We had some friends/business partners that flew all the way from Argentina, Australia, and Holland to name a few that we we able to see and spend time with so that was a big bonus. A very positive thing that happened is I was asked to be the new¬†spokes person for which you all should check out. It’s all about protecting children online and its very positive for the adult business. We can have fun with our porn as adults while still being responsible. Here is a pic of me at the table and actually working:) I didnt even have time to go jet skiing. I wanted to so badly. Here is another pic of the jet ski in the background. lol

I will also be writing a diary entry of my thoughts in detail of other things that happened, the good , the bad, you know the naughty gossip you all love to hear.  I had a great time w/ you all during the live show I did too while I was there. The sex show is now added to my members area today if you happened to miss it too.

Good to be home and back into my routine.


Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Had a great outdoor live show today. I was dressed in my Mexican dress with my Margarita in hand. I felt so sexy getting naked in the warm AZ air. The perfect temp here to have a show outside before the very hot summer begins. Took some candid photos as well which will go up in my members area along with the archived show.

After my show I went out for some Mexican food, a Santa Fe salad. Tonight we may head up to the Sandbar where there is a big fiesta party going on for Cinco de Mayo. Its always nuts here in AZ since we are obviously so close to Mexico.

My next live show will be a live boy/girl show so make sure to check my schedule for the date.

Sending you some lovin’ today!!! Adios:) xoxo

Catalina Cruz

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