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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

My favorite outfit in the world is to wear nothing at all except for a pair of nice high heels. I love the way the heels make me feel and they really life my ass to show it off. Being naked is natural and fun for me so usually it isn’t long before a guy I like sees me nude. If we meet while talking on my webcam he will most likely end up seeing me naked on their before we ever actually meet in person. I’m comfortable nude and I want a guy that is the same way so if you like to be naked and like a girl in only high heels, maybe we should talk.

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rhonda’s facial

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007


Rhonda likes getting 2 cocks at once so that’s what she does for her first time mov. 2 guys pleasure her in every which way and she reciprocates very well. With an open mouth and a wet muff, these guys get exactly what they were dreaming of. They pummel her holes, fuck her hooters, and then, of course, give her a major facial. What more could a dude (or 2 guys) ask for? Rhonda is good at spreading her legs and slobbing dick. She’s not too bright but with those skills, I know she can get by in life.

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Halloween Is Here, Cum Out You Fuckin Sluts!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

It was a fuckin zoo at work today – every guy tried to look smooth and cool in their Military outfits or Pirate/Vampire costumes and every thin slut appropriately dressed in skimpy, sexy, revealing cutsie uniforms (French maids, cute animals, etc.) and I didn’t dress up at all. I was going to wear my Phantom of the Opera gear, but to be honest with you, I don’t give a shit about pleasing the people I work with… I’m not fuckin any of them – well, not yet anyway, so why do I need to conform?


The day went by fine as people gathered for picture taking throughout the day and during lunch we all gathered in the break room for the best dressed costume contest and, of course, the sluttiest broad in the room won. I did enjoy looking at all the skanks for who they really are as it showed in their costumes… I don’t think I can look at them the same ever again (which is a damn good thing).


I just arrived home from work and I needed a nap because the 18 year old and I were going to go to a Halloween party tonight – the theme was “Eyes Wide Shut” and I don’t know if you have ever seen that movie my brothers, but it was just one big orgy fest—so I am anticipating a very, very good time.


But before I nap, I would like my imagination to roam free, so after I smoke this purple kush, I’m going to cruise on over to There are funny and creative comic strips that will get me in the fuckin mood to party. With a FREE TRIAL, there is no way I can pass this opportunity up – my mission tonight is to try something sexually with a skank I’ve never met before. What that something is, only will tell me… damn, this weed is good.

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Of all the places in all the world, she had to walk into mine…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

OMG! What do you do if you recognize one of your friends kids in a PORNO movie you’re watching??!! I have some older friends from when I was at college, and this one couple, Cheryl and Tom, have an adorable 18 year old, Suzi, who I thought was as pure as the driven snow!


Then I discovered her baring ALL (and more) at one of my fave porn sites, Cherry Filled Sex. Now what do I do? It’s not like I can pick up the phone and say ‘Hey Cheryl, you’ll never guess where I saw Suzi the other day!’ LOL


Ugh, the dilemma’s that life presents us with. Why can’t things stay simple? My porn voyeurism should be for fun, not for discovering my friends’ kids getting naked and fucking on cam! Suzi seems to be pretty talented though, and I have no doubt she’ll be moving up in the porn world if she keeps performing such hot, naughty acts on film! But I think this is something that mommy and daddy need to find out on their own, I’ve decided I’m gonna keep my nose out of the whole thing!

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I Love Em Natural

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

6 all natural sluts in this cast of sexy ladies. First up, the ultra hot redhead Katja Kassin entices two cocks in her ass at the same time. Asian/French babe Katsumi does plenty of deep throat, anal sex, ATM and she swallows her partner’s seed. Jasmine gets dp’d. Corina has her panties stuffed inside her pussy and then her mouth. Tiffany is submissive to two dudes. And the exotic looking Dana Vespoli finishes things up with cum on her face. I Love Em Natural – who doesn’t?


Katja is a sexy redhead who briefly touches herself. Steve enters where Katja is slowly giving Manual head. Steve spanks Katja’s butt a few times before she blows both dudes. Katja rides Steve’s cock in her pussy, and then her ass, while Manuel fucks her mouth, and the dudes switch places. Katja is double penetrated, sucks cock ass to mouth, and she takes both cocks in her ass at the same time. There are also some shots of Katja’s gaping asshole. The dudes jerk off and cum on Katja’s face, tongue and chest.

Katsumi is a sexy Asian babe. After a solo, she gives Lee an intense bj, licking his balls and deep throating included. Afterwards, they move straight into anal sex and in different positions. Lee chokes her while drilling her ass. Katsumi sucks Lee’s cock ATM before riding his cock in her ass reverse cowgirl. She gets off as he strokes off and cums on her tongue and chin. Katsumi swallows Lee’s cum and The Whackman had to wipe the fuckin screen.

Jasmine, a sexy Euro blonde, is wearing a white bra and panties while playing with herself. She blows Manuel while Steve fingers and licks her asshole. Steve next receives head while Manuel munches on pussy. Each dude fucks Jasmine in her pussy and ass while she sucks on the other dudes cock. Jasmine goes ATM and then is double penetrated. Jasmine rims each dude’s asshole with her tongue, and she’s spanked a few times. Each dude jerks off and cums on Jasmine’s face and mouth until both loads are in her mouth before swallowing.


Corina is a cute, slender brunette with small titties. She plays with herself briefly before taking Benjamin’s cock deep into her mouth. Corina masturbates while Benjamin fucks her mouth. She then rims Benjamin’s asshole. Benjamin briefly tastes Corina’s pussy before plugging her missionary and in the common positions. He inserts her panties inside her pussy and has her taste them. He briefly fucks her pussy with his big toe and has her taste it. Benjamin cums in Corina’s mouth and on her chin and she happily swallows his cum.

Tiffany, a busty blonde, is treated like a slave, sucking the food off of Benjamin’s cock as she blows both dudes. Benjamin swats her tits while she blows Mr. Pete. She deep throats both dudes and gets her face slapped here and there. Benjamin fingers her pussy and slaps her butt cheeks. Food is stuffed in Tiffany’s mouth while she’s made to suck cock and get fucked. The dudes talk dirty to Tiffany and rail her in the ass and spank her. Tiffany performs ass to mouth cocksucking and she receives a messy facial.

Dana, a pretty brunette, gets out of a tub, puts on panties and goes into another room where she blows Ben He slaps her face with his cock and they screw in a few positions. Dana rubs her clit and cums while riding Ben reverse cowgirl. Ben cums on Dana’s face—she tastes some cum as she sucks on Ben’s cock.

I Love Em Natural is a good flick that went straight to the sex – foreplay, and females receiving oral, was non-existent. The cast had good chemistry and the whores were enthusiastic in their performance. The Whackman even learned a couple of new things, ttm (toe to mouth), and suspended bridge (girl suspended horizontally, facing up, dicked at both ends). Katsumi is our Dime Piece here as her submissive nature contributed to the 7 loads of love juice spat out of The Whackman’s love machine.

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Me and Mrs. Jones—we gotta thing goin on

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Mrs. Jones is movin on up (and down) and on, the last thing she needs to do before her move is pack her pussy—with some good ol grade A cock. Can you cum over and help?


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Slip and slide, dip and dive

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

These shaved beavers starve for attention and their will be a whole lotta sex going down in about, oh… now—with or without you. So you can cheat yourself or you can treat yourself. Trick or treat?


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What’s love got to do, got to do with it

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

The sluts over at aren’t interested in anything else but taking cock in every hole at any (and every) given time. All that “what’s your name, what’s your sign” shit is played the fuck out. Romance and chivalry is discouraged—it’s all about fucking the right way.


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World Record for the Biggest Penis

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Men have always considered their penis size as an important factor in their sexual and psychological health. With an enlarged penis comes self-confidence, more active social and sexual life, and, of course, a certain amount of edge in the ongoing subconscious battle for the position of the alpha male. Consequently, the question on many men’s minds is probably as to who has the largest human penis. Many studies have attempted to answer this question, but the results have been conflicting. Of course, the matter of man’s penis size is not a very ideal subject for objective study. The reason is that all men of the human specie want to claim the honor of having the largest penis. Moreover, countless ways exist nowadays to keep artificially augmenting the natural endowment of any man. Thus, it has become harder and harder to determine the answer to this important question.

For the man’s most pressing sexual concern, the first thing to be done is determine if his penis size at least meets the averages. There are several statistics dealing with today’s average penis sizes. Generally, Caucasian males have penis sizes averaging about 6.2 inches long, with the approximate circumference of 3.2 inches. However, studies conducted as early as 1795, have invariably shown that the African Negro race has superior penis length and roundness. Contrary to this, the studies conducted by the famous Kinsey Institute report only a minimal advantage for Negro races, whose genitals measure 6.3 inches in length and 3.7 in circumferences. In order to be closer to the truth, more conclusive data should be gathered in this area since the sampling of test subjects done in that particular Kinsey study yielded only about 50 black males as opposed to the 2,500 Caucasian males. This unequal sampling does not prove the figures given beyond doubt.

Now that the averages have been established, it would be proper to tackle the matter of the world’s largest penises. Unfortunately, the more precise details like the names of those blessed with the record-holding penises are very elusive pieces of information. However, the penis sizes themselves are easy to find. The largest, but unofficial measurement was obtained by Dr. David Reuben. He was able to encounter a subject with a penis that was 14 inches long, when erect, in 1969. This amazing information, however, remains unverified to this date. Thus, the official rank of the largest penis belongs to a man measured and documented by Dr. Robert Dickinson in the earlier part of the twentieth century. This record-holding penis was 13.5 inches in length and 6.25 inches in circumference. Several other studies from Alfred Kinsey, and other known scientists yielded impressive results, which ranged approximately from 9.5 to twelve inches.

At present, various claims from men all over the world have been made to several institutions stating that they possess even larger penises. The problem with the present claims, however, is that men nowadays are presented with so many opportunities for self-enhancement, that it becomes difficult to judge the validity of their claims. The present record holder’s penis was measured in the earlier part of the 1900’s, which nullifies most of today’s technological advancement in penis enlargement. Thus, until this date, Dr. Dickinson’s documented case remains to be the most valid candidate as the alpha male of the species.

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

I hate having clothes on. I love walking around the house naked and being naked all the time. When I finally got a webcam and hooked it up it never occurred to me that I shouldn’t be naked when I’m on my webcam. I started off just chatting then I started using it as a way to fulfill my sexual needs when I don’t have a guy. There is nothing like getting naked, getting my dildo and hammering my tight pussy with it while I chat live with guys.

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