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EXPOSED: Karrine Steffans Sex Tape

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Karrine Steffans super head earns her nickname

EXPOSED: Karrine Steffans Sex Tape

Karrine Steffans has made a living being one of those big booty beauties that make you want to watch hip-hop video clips. Thankfully dancing isnt the only talent this babe has and in her recently leaked sextape she shows why she is known in some circles as ‘Super Head’.

Karrine partners up with Mr Marcus and dives straight to her knees to give some lip service to his manhood before being fucked hard in a ton of positions and loving every second of it.

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Cute brunette Nikky Case in her stockings spreads

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Sexy brunette Nikky Case strips off her sexy black lingerie and shows off her pink pussy. She leaves on those sexy black lace stockings, just so she can spread her legs and show us the goods. If you like what you see click here and check all the blazin hot models at Glamour Models Gone Bad.

Georgia Jones Strips Georgia Jones Naked

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Catalina Cruz & Sienna West

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Do you think Sienna West will pass her Licensed to Lick test this coming Saturday with me? I’ve seen her long tongue in action many, many times. I just haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying it first hand. So, I just have to test her skills. So, I am off to lala land for a shoot this weekend. Besides having to administer a licking test, I will also be broadcasting live from the shoot too. So my live cam show will be Saturday, October 4th at 6pm est. Playboy TV will be there all day following me behind the scenes to be aired in January!

I hope you all are hanging in there with our lovely economy. It’s amazing that the house of reps couldn’t come to an agreement yet… left town and will not be getting back together until Thursday. I am certain if the future of the country was in my hands so to speak I would not be leaving town for a few days. I think it should of been worked on immediately. I am sure the changes didn’t take this long to make. It’s absurd and ridiculous. I just thought I’d make a short comment on that quickly because it’s obviously on most people’s minds right now.

I am thinking of you and trying to bring some cheer to you. Think of Sienna and I on Saturday and very soon you will be able to view our naughty photos and watch our kinky video! )

Much Love!!


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Luxi & Mark

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Over the Severn Briidge and into Cardiff, Wales to shoot the lovely Luxi, a young 20 something wife of Mark an older gentleman who proved to be a blinding chap. There was a bit of history between us in the past in a fleeting manner that was not entirely conducive to todays shoot and frankly, though I mention it in passing, the idiosyncrasies have no place here in this entry but as always when u meet people face to face, all things are put aside and I had a much better understanding of them as a couple. .

amateur couples

Mark did a sound job shagging his beautiful wife from the sofa to the bedroom where he performed anal which ended with 2 cumshots, an anal jizm pie (is that called a chocolate jizz pie?) and a separate vaginal spunk pie. Very rude, but then, we expect nothing less here at Real Couples

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Slutty Rich Cheerleaders – Lindsay Meadows and Renae Cruz

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

My buddy gave me tip about a local private school that had those type of rich girls. And by those types I mean slutty rich girls. I jumped in my ice cream truck. Cruised down the rich part of town until I spotted two teen cheerleaders waving a sign around. Their team name was the jack rabbits. Score! They were raising money for their pep rally expenses. Lindsay Meadows and Renae Cruz were energetic, eager and not wearing any panties. I offered them my special ice cream that was ONLY available in the back of my pimped out ride. With the cameras rolling, Lindsay and Renae showed me why rich cheerleaders are the best fucks. DOWNLOAD the full movie today ONLY at bitches!!

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Ghetto Teen Sista Pimped for Dick – Kianna

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

All girls coming from the hood have a bad ass attitude they bring on set. Kianna was no exception. This black teen was armed with her ghetto talk but looked like a beat down hoe bag. Dressed in an oversized plaid polo, high waist Capri pants and pink sneakers, everything was bunk with Kianna. I almost jumped ship and threw her back on the streets but my buddy convinced me to give that annoying bitch a chance. Fine. I sent her back to get pimped. Holy hell. She came out in fish net stockings, tiny panties with a matching bra. I made my way over to her. She crawled across the bed and swallowed my monster black dong. Check out all the freaky shit I do to black teen Kianna ONLY at yo!

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The Annihilation Of Summer

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

What happens to porn stars who have been around for awhile but are starting to lose the fight against time ?  Well if they are as slutty and sex-crazed as Summer Cummings they end up on both sides of the camera and try their hand at producing as well as starring in their own movies.  Like what Kevin Costner does except they are actually often successful at it.  The secret to their success is quite simple really…after so many years and so many hundreds of movies chicks like Summer know what people want to see and know what sells…it is rampantly apparent in your pants after even the first few movies that she brought that knowledge, heat and intensity as well as some of her favorite girlfriends to The Annihilation Of Summer.


This has got to be one of the hottest chick on chick flicks I’ve ever seen and the way these sapphic sluts go up, down, in and out of each other it’s probably safe to say that they have played around together off the camera as well as on and for any of you squirting fans out there you wont be disappointed as these babes have some of the wettest orgasms you will ever see.  If this is annihilation I’m sure that every woman out there wants to be annihilated like Summer.  The final group action scene is one that you can jack off to repeatedly…strapons, big tits, ultra wet and noisy sex…ahhh the things that wet dreams are made of.  The Annihilation Of Summer gets the first ever five cocks-up given to a chick on chick movie.

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Bohemian Babes

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Symbolism and Comfort rarely mix together but that isn’t the case when it comes to those creative sluts and their XXX Girl Action….


Here they show that while the weather may be getting cool enough to require some bohemian headwear, they are still able to make a room and each other hot enough to enjoy making their own special vanilla ice-cream sandwich.

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The Scars Tell The Story

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

A lot of people think that when it comes to fucking a chick right that it’s as easy as spreading her legs, jamming your cock in and pumping away….this courageous fuck stud knows better.


Sometimes really pleasing a woman and being able to Fuck Her Right takes a toll on the body, hence this determined dude’s bypass scars…a guy who REALLY puts his whole heart into the pleasuring of his babes.

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Spotting The Sports

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Everyone knows that when it comes to sports, black guys tend to have some kind of edge…this phenomenom continues into the sport of sex where they are idealized as having huge cocks and inevitably are where wives go when they want a real hard pounding…


So when a chocolate stud like this one gets a chance to Bang This Milf you know that he will be scoring a touchdown even if football isn’t his number one sport

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