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Catalina Cruz naughty kitty cat for Halloween

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Thinking of everyone today for Halloween. I know not everyone celebrates it but hey… most of us like candy and it is a huge distraction from this very crazy world. We all need to have things to be happy about and look forward to. Never forget to keep moving forward even when bad things happen. I love passing out candy and seeing lots of smiles. I will be home tonight passing out lots of candy.

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Here are some naughty photos of my last live cam show I did for members that is now up in full if you missed the show. I was a very happy, purring feline ready for my milk. I felt so kinky and playful. Come watch me have some kinky fun and be my member. This show will also be going up in virtual reality too. You get access to both of my brand new vr sites when you join too:)

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Catalina Cruz first ever IR Boy/Girl Live Webcam November 9, 2017

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Voting is now closed for my next special live cam event. My first interracial scene won by a landslide! Gangbang came in 2nd place and threesome escort fantasy came in 3rd.

Catalina Cruz Interracial BBC Fantasy Live Cam Event – November 9, 2017 @ 8pm ET

My very first interracial BBC fantasy cam event will be November 9th at 8pm ET shot LIVE on my members cam. All of my special cam events are archived in full without editing so you don’t miss a thing if you ever cannot make my shows. They usually get released very shortly after the live event. This is truly my real life. I choose everything I want to do and who it is with. No agent or company forcing me so it is way more enjoyable and my own fantasies. I can’t wait to play with Isiah in just a few weeks!

My new virtual reality sites are growing quickly. Members are getting daily updates of new videos in the network. I love spoiling you and keeping you very happy. New solo photos are going up today from my kinky office day with Richelle Ryan. Log in and enjoy! xoxo

Enjoy your life each and every day as it can change in just a blink of our eyes.

Love, Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz coconut oil show was so fun

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

In the blink of an eye, everything can change so quickly. As each minute passes my conscious is very aware of life and how I need to really live after so many lives have been terribly lost. I’m thinking of everyone who has lost a loved one in the Vegas shooting and all of the natural disasters that have been happening too. If I had a wish. It would be for everyone to be more sensitive and loving to one another. Be more aware of how another might feel and also to speak up if something doesn’t seem right with someone. Too often, I think we don’t say a word when someone isn’t healthy with their mind and then horrific things happen.

I had a live coconut oil show Sunday earlier in the day. Here are some screen shots from the show. It is being archived in 4k and in virtual reality too. I hope you will have a smile for me and I can make you feel good even for a short while. In this crazy world, I feel like we need to take time to be happy as well.

My next live cam is Monday October 9th. See you soon!!! Sending everyone tons of love and my thoughts always. Love. Catalina Cruz

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Come play with Catalina Cruz live on cam at her official website.

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Catalina Cruz workout in yoga pants live on cam replay

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

My last live show was very comfortable as I was in workout pants and top. I love sharing the way I am at home without all the glam at times. I love glamming it up and getting dolled up but it is really nice to show you how I am at home. I am also a jeans and tshirt type of girl too. I guess it is the Midwest, Ohio girl coming out in me. Speaking of Ohio…. Go Indians!! It will also be an interesting year for The Cleveland Cavaliers too! A part of my heart will always be in Ohio.

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Here are some screen shots from my last live show. I have a live cam today too at 7pm ET! Come play with me. It will be a super oiled up kinky cam show. Lets get messy and relax together.

My mind is also on a serious topic today. When I woke up this mornning, the first thing I saw was the news that O.J. Simpson was released from prison. My thoughts went right away to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. They are gone forever. It hits home with me especially because years ago I was told that I would end up dead like Nicole when I was in an extremely abusive relationship. I survived and got out. My hope and wishes is for anyone reading this is to leave and get out. Don’t wait, ask for help no matter how hard you think it will be. I thought I could never make it on my own and that no one would ever love or want me. I promise you, it can and will change. Nothing changes without movement. Also, if you are reading this and are in danger of hurting someone else because you feel out of control and angry, there is help. Just leave, no matter what. Confide in someone so you can get the help you need. Don’t make a horrific choice of hurting or killing someone because of your emotions. So many lives can be destroyed forever.

Thank you for reading my blog and hearing my thoughts. Hope to see you today at my live cam show:):) Come ready to relax and release! yay!!!!! Love, Catalina Cruz

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