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Catalina Cruz and Veronica Avluv

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Veronica has won a Licensed to Lick instructor title during our girl on girl live show. She definitely trained well and knows how to lick in all the right spots. Not all women have the same licking skills. If you havent seen these pics yet here are some from the day. The whole kinky gallery of candids will be up for members in the next day.

There will be another round of special live events in June. My next pornstar guest will be announced soon.

I am in Huntington Beach today. I will be seeing my brother & his family again before he moves to Chicago and I wont get to see him too often. Then, tomorrow I head back to the mountains to get ready for the big regional motocross race this weekend, but you have to sign in Thursday so its a lot to prepare for. Cross your fingers & send good vibes that we will do well and then we would head to Tennesee later in the summer for the national. This is the first year so Im not sure we are ready but we will see.


Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz Private shows

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I feel like the day has already gotten away from me. I am still in a daze from my anal video shoot yesterday. Some are surprised that I do anal when they find out.  After some warming up, I am finding I am having some of the best, most intense orgasms this way. Never thought I could or would. It’s just learning and playing with my body over time. Here is a peachy photo for you to entice you to come join me in the members:) My newest anal video will be live soon.

Tomorrow I will be available for private one on one cam shows. All you have to do is log into my members  area, go to my live cam show area where I do my main shows and there will be a banner to get to me. I will be available at 1pm est and again at 3pm est for privates. My main live featured show will be at 2pm est for a larger crowd.  I am only doing this for a limited time for fun so come visit me and lets play together.I will give you all the attention you desire.

Off to get a manicure and pedi this afternoon. I love having pretty hands and feet but I am one of the rare ones that really doesn’t enjoy sitting there for awhile. I’d much rather be working, having sex, ect… )

Thats it for now. Hope to see some of you tomorrow for my live shows.

Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz masturbating

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Had a hard time sleeping last night. Too many things going on at once lately and I had a hard time shutting it down so I masturbated again even after having my live show last night.  I swear it is the best medicine and helps me sleep sometimes. Not ashamed to let this be known. More need to use it instead of sleeping pills.

Today I have a few beauty appts. Most girls love to get pampered but honestly sometimes I do and dont. I can get antsy because it can take so long to get your nails done, facial, whatever. I actually love to work and get things done so I guess I am just hyper.  But, I must stay beautiful while I can. lol I have two shoots next week that I am really looking forward to. Of course, you all will come along with me and get access to whatever trouble I get myself into as always!

Thats all for now. My live cam show from last night will be in the archive a bit later today so check out the members area hompage for the whole unedited show if you missed it. Sound like a broken record when I tell you this but there are always new members coming in too.

Enjoy your day!


Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz live cam shows

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Tomorrow, Thursday July 16th at 10pm est  is my next live cam show! I truly love my shows over the years. Here is a few shots from one of my fav boy/girl shows from over the years.  My favorite shows are when I have someone with me to play with or should I say when I have other ppl’s body parts to play with.  My favorite girls that I have had on are Gina Lynn, Austin Kincaid, Puma Swede, Vanilla Deville ect… well really all of them that I can think of. I’ve never had a bad time. lol
Catalina Cruz blog
As I am planning some live events this summer, just thinking of all of the memories over the years that I have had with my website. I never thought I’d have an adult website in a million years and I would never change a thing if I had to. Everyone I have met I will never forget!! Thats for sure!
Catalina Cruz cam shows
Here’s to more memories…lets see what trouble I can get into before 2009 is over!

Catalina Cruz
Catalina Cruz blowjob
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