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Catalina Cruz being naughty on cam

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

I seem to always have a naughty look on my face like I’m up to no good. That’s usually the case but, in a good way Here are some pics from my last live show day on set and a headshot that my good friend, Eric took. He is very talented with hair and makeup but I think he should start shooting photos too. We always have such a blast on set, that is never seems like work when he is around. Love days like that.

Beauty only gets attention, personality captures the heart. Absolutely love this quote! I know kind of ironic coming from someone who is in an industry where looks matter so much. I’ve seen and met so many pretty faces and bodies along the way but what truly captures my eye is a person who doesn’t know it and lights up a room because of their personality. I wish more would see beauty this way but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Remember next week, I’ll be live with the beautiful, Nikki Daniels. Join us for three special live cam event shows on Friday, April 20th from Vegas. Nikki will be doing a live sybian show, then we will be having a live threesome and then the last show will be us together as Nikki takes control of the sybian and I ride it in a girl/girl show!

Lots of love!!

Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz masturbating

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Had a hard time sleeping last night. Too many things going on at once lately and I had a hard time shutting it down so I masturbated again even after having my live show last night.  I swear it is the best medicine and helps me sleep sometimes. Not ashamed to let this be known. More need to use it instead of sleeping pills.

Today I have a few beauty appts. Most girls love to get pampered but honestly sometimes I do and dont. I can get antsy because it can take so long to get your nails done, facial, whatever. I actually love to work and get things done so I guess I am just hyper.  But, I must stay beautiful while I can. lol I have two shoots next week that I am really looking forward to. Of course, you all will come along with me and get access to whatever trouble I get myself into as always!

Thats all for now. My live cam show from last night will be in the archive a bit later today so check out the members area hompage for the whole unedited show if you missed it. Sound like a broken record when I tell you this but there are always new members coming in too.

Enjoy your day!


Catalina Cruz

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