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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Hola! This weekend is Cinco de Mayo! I’m headed to Colorado for the weekend for a race. Excited to go because I’ve never visited the state before. Love seeing new places. Hopefully we will come back safely and with a few great motos (wins!!) fingers crossed

Here are some teaser pro photos shot by my favorite erotic photographer, Holly Randall. I was a very messy girl in Holly’s studio. I had a request to do a shoot with milk. Well, needless to say poor Holly’s studio hopefully wont smell like sour milk eventually from me. I think it most likely took them a few days to clean all of it. Not to mention all the oil spots on the cement floor. One of my most erotic shoots I think over the years. She is very talented and of course I LOVE the fact that she is a girl! Girl Power!!! My members will get full access to all of my extremely high res photos.

My next live event is Tuesday, May 8th. It will be a live full sex boy/girl POV show.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Enjoy your weekend!


Catalina Cruz

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