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Friday, November 2nd, 2012

I’ve always had a fetish for sexy little Geisha outfits so one of my most recent Halloween live shows was just that. Kelly and I wore our low cut geisha outfits to play together in. Lots of kissing everywhere from head to toe. We ended up in a jacuzzi big enough for even more at the end. The whole show is now available for members to watch in full unedited if you missed it.

I know many members from the East Coast and even as far over as Ohio weren’t able to attend obviously because of the horrific super storm. My thoughts and love are with everyone that is going through hard times. I had some members email me through their phones in the last few days. Mother nature is more powerful than we ever imagine.

On a much less tragic thought… while I was away, I had some “Cake” vodka shots. Amazing! Taste and smells just like white or vanilla cake. If you mix it with cranberry juice, it tastes like red velvet cake. Not that I am much of a drinker at all but this was a goodie to share with all you party people out there or just a spirit booster.

Thinking of you and sending lots of love your way!


Catalina Cruz

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