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Catalina Cruz Ribbed Dildo

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I love my sex toys.  Ribbed toys are especially a favorite for me. Gives me the right kind of lovin’ exactly where I need it.  My newest hardcore photoset shows just how much I love the ribbed feeling. Here is a teaser pic, although going down my throat is not the place I’d most like it to be:)  If you are a member, you’ll get to see them all.

Today I am planning a special live sybian cam event for you all. So, stay tuned for who it will be and the date/time. I will be announcing it next week. Im having way to much fun lately with my sites. I always wait for it to end, because I am the type of girl that does believe that all good things come to an end but so far, Im like the energizer bunny and I dont see my batteries giving out anytime soon. lol

The new “My Favorites” section is now ready for members to use to add all of your most favorite movies, photos, cam shows ect… so every time you log in you will see your favorites and you can always add, change, delete as well.  Very soon, “Sexy Tweet” will be ready too. Its a hardcore version of twitter for members only! We can totally be ourselves without being censored. 

Thats all for now. Keeping my site fresh n hot for you! and me too so I dont get bored! ha!



Original post by Catalina Cruz

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