Catalina Cruz free private 1 on 1 cam shows March 11, 2018

March 5th, 2018

If humans could only truly see and feel in one another what is in a person’s heart and soul, we maybe could treat one another better or at least understand each other more. I think this is what being in the porn industry has taught me the most is to be aware of how I treat others. You are pretty vulnerable when you are in the adult industry and in the public eye with social media, websites and in person so we get exposed to a lot of judgement and opinions. I see it for myself and I watch from afar when it happens to others. It is hard to watch at times. Everyone needs to remember, our paths and lives are all so very different, the way we grew up, the experiences we had or didn’t have and of course the choices we make too. Some of the bravest, passionate and hardest working people are those that I have met or come across in adult entertainment. What I am trying to say and has been said many times before is be kind for you never know what a person has gone through, why and what their current situation is. Everyone, no matter what your career or life is like is just trying to be successful and live life.

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Want to meet me privately on cam? I am having a members appreciation session Sunday, March 11, 2018 starting at 1pm ET for two hours. These one on one cam shows are free if you are a member of my site. The details on where to go and the passcode you need are inside my members area. I will be meeting people one on one on a first come first serve basis. It is like a meet and greet in a store but it will be online. I will spend a naughty or nice 5 minutes with each person. Hope to meet you Sunday!

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Here are a few photos from a new set that is coming for member soon! My kinky threesome scene with Victoria and Marcus is releasing March 9, 2018 too! Love, Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz fishnet bodysuit while in threesome

February 21st, 2018

One of my biggest fantasies has always been a threesome. Here are some tips if you do decide to explore with your partner that I have gone through in my own experience. I am not saying I am right, as all of our experiences are unique and the people we meet can be quite different.

1. I feel like there is an etiquette to having a good threesome. The biggest tip I can share is to make sure one another feels including and wanted especially if you are doing it with someone you care for or love but even if it not, it is very important so no one’s feelings are hurt. This can ruin the fantasy big time. Sometimes there will be chemistry between two of the people more so than the other and this can lead to a disaster if someone feels left out. Be aware of each other while you are feeling good. Just as you would when you are talking to someone.

2. Make eye contact with both. Set rules beforehand if your loved one wants them. This is important for trust. If you do not want a complete sleepover, say so. If you don’t want kissing involved with the third party communicate that or if you want to be more open and do more, talk about that. It is better to do this first then have a relationship disaster afterwards.

3. Be safe. I believe in getting tested for HIV, stds. Not just because I am in the adult industry but because there is risk everywhere. Even if you think you are healthy and no reason to do so you should. Knowing your status is responsible and caring for yourself and others before you have fun.

4. If you know a threesome will upset you and you are just doing it to please someone else, DO NOT DO IT. Fantasies are sometimes better left a fantasy. Let the professional do the videos and enjoy them. I mean this. It is not worth it if you are both not doing it to explore and want to. Let me tell you… even the porn stars fuck up and can ruin a threesome. You really have to know how to cater and make everyone feel included.

Finally, just be yourself. I know this is what turns me on the most is when people are real and everything flows naturally. Let yourself and your partners in heat feel good. Afterwards, be kind to one another, say something nice to both and make sure to thank your loved one if you are in a relationship. Remember we always remember how we made someone feel. So making that person feel special always is huge.

Here are a few solo photos from the day I had a threesome with Victoria and Marcus. This will be a new set of video and photos coming for members soon. The whole show will be archived for members if you missed our kinky threesome. There are tons of threesomes in my members area if you love them too!

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My next live cam show is this Sunday, February 25, 2018. Come see me live on my cam inside my members area.

Love, Catalina

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Catalina Cruz as The First Lady in new xxx video Melania’s Revenge

February 19th, 2018

In honor of President’s Day today, I bring you some photos of my latest scene that releases one week from today on February 26, 2018 exclusively online inside my members area. Members seem to love the continuing First Lady online xxx political parody series. This episode is Melania’s Revenge. Melania Mounds confronts Steamy Daniels and then makes her watch as she seduces her secret service agents and shows Steamy just how it is done. The scene will be releasing February 26th. There are hardcore photos and behind the scene pics that will be released too. I love playing Melania Mounds so much! It is an empowering feeling sexually which sometimes I think it important for women to feel. Members will see Melania have an amazing, squirting orgasm as she shares two hard agents in a kinky threesome. Thank you Brandon, Francesca, Tony and Marcus for being such a creative team and keeping the series going. I hope you will love this episode as I think it is one of my favorites so far.

The First Lady – Melania’s Revenge A XXX Political Porn Parody featuring Catalina Cruz – Releasing February 26, 2018

My next live members cam show is Sunday, February 25, 2018 @ 1pm ET. Come meet me online, chat and play or just watch and listen.

Love, Catalina Cruz aka Melania Mounds XOXO

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Catalina Cruz brings you some Valentine’s Candy live on webcam

February 7th, 2018

Valentine’s Day is next week. It is such a built up commercial day that I know it gets people in a frenzy and can be depressing for some. I’m here to take your mind off of all the hype and make it kinky and maybe a little sweeter for you.

So, I have a very sweet and sexy gift for all of us for Valentine’s Day next week. Busty and sweet Victoria June will be featured with me in a sexy menage a trois LIVE on cam Thursday, February 15th at 8pm ET. Watch us share candy together until we get to the sticky, juicy center. If you love big boobs, I’m sure you will love this special live event. I am very excited to meet Victoria and have her live with us. Come watch, play and chat with us too before we perform live for you. Victoria will also be live on cam for you by herself in the beginning to chat and play with. I know many of the porn stars aren’t live that often so this gives you a chance to meet and play with them.

I have a surprise coming for you this month too. I am shooting my very first DP on February 16th and it will release before the end of the month inside my members area. The First Lady is making another appearance!

Victoria June Live Threesome with Catalina Cruz On Webcam – February 15, 2018 @ 8pm ET

Here is my upcoming live members cam schedule:

Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1pm ET – Sexy Mirror Masturbation Show
Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 8pm ET – Catalina Cruz and Victoria June threesome show
Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 1pm ET – Sybian Show

Thank you for being a member if you are reading this and already are! I appreciate the love you give always!

Hugs, love and good vibes, Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz kinky photo shoot in black dress

January 29th, 2018

I don’t think I do well with change sometimes and I’ve been going through a lot of them the past month. One of the biggest is having family move in with me. Specifically my Mom, you will come to know her as Mama Cruz. So, Mama Cruz can be a handful sometimes. Don’t worry, I would say this to her too. She luckliy does have a sense of humor. I will tell you though, it is challenging being in porn and having your Mom move in with you. It really could be a reality show but I won’t put my fans through that hell. lol I love helping my family so much and I am grateful to be able to do it when needed. She needs some help as she is older now and some medical issues. You know what though no matter what this lady will find a way to shop, she has a party side as well too. She loves Vegas as I do. I realize where I got that from:) I think I am in for it. So, this is what has been going on with my life lately.

Here are some tamer photos from my most recent kinky photo shoot that are now up for members. A new naughty video just went up too for you. I am going live on cam tonight at 8pm ET. It is a thigh high & dirty talk show. So, if you are around come join my site and see what my live cams are all about. You get to watch, hear and interact with me live. I love getting to know many of you too!!

Have a happy week! Find reasons to smile everyday no matter if they are small. Each day goes by so quickly so just live your life to the fullest!! I will too. Xo Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz anal passion video releasing January 20, 2018

January 19th, 2018

Good Morning! I am home now back from shooting. I now have a new addition to the Fantasy Girl team who has been with us for awhile now but is now behind the camera even more filming and shooting. I’m even more excited that it is a female! Girl Power! We had an amazing time and I am excited for you to see the pics and video. We lost a man due to being ill but don’t worry my first DP is being rescheduled for February 16th! I will have two live special cam events February 15th & 16th for members.

Here are a few teaser pics from this shoot. The brand new “Anal Passion” video will be released tomorrow in 4K for members.

It feels like the start of a week for me, but it is Friday! I wish you a happy & relaxing weekend.

xoxo Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz National Championship prediction

January 8th, 2018

Tonight is the National Championship college game is tonight. Our family loves sports like a child loves candy so I am sure it will be on the big screen. I am not a huge college football lover but I love watching any competitive game. I get the feeling that Alabama may take the win but we will see. I know Nick Saban is a great coach but this is all I really know. lol Ask me about NFL and I have a lot more knowledge.

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I will cheer both teams on with some naughty photos from one of my last live cam shows from last week. I had two last week. It is now archived if you missed it. My next live cam show event is January 16th at 7pm ET. It is my first DP so make sure to make a little time to come watch and play with me the 16th. If you are busy, you can still catch it as it will be archived in 4k and VR too afterwards.

Hope your manic Monday is going smooth & happy. Make this week count. Each day goes by so quickly!! Don’t get in a bad habit of groundhog day where every day is basically the same. Mix it up, try new things and live your life:) That is my Monday motivation. xoxo Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz set for some dp love live on cam January 16, 2018

January 5th, 2018

I hope you all are starting off this new year positively. Everything is definitely new for me this year as I am all moved now and have sold my home. I found out this morning from my old neighbors that my home went to family that really needs the room. I love hearing this and now I’m more than happy to have left. Makes me feel good to know this. I met one of my new neighbors already and she seems laid back and sweet. It’s a quiet area so I have to be extra good. I am not a party girl anyway unless I am in Vegas. 🙂

Speaking of Vegas…. I will be leaving soon for a work/play trip. Which comes to my announcement for members. I will be doing my very first two guy DP January 16th at 7pm ET. A kinky way to bring in 2018. I have never experienced a dp in my personal life so this will be the first ever and its happening in front of you live too. I of courses, as always get butterflies as it is a first day a school or something. lol One of my biggest fantasies is a threesome so this is like putting the cherry on top times two! It is only 10 days away so come join my site to watch us live. If you can’t make it, the scene will be released in both 4k and virtual reality too.

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Stay warm and safe! I cannot believe how extreme the weather is on the East Coast right now. I hope this passes quickly for all of you. I know for me, I freak out when I’m freezing. I can take the heat but cold I’m gone. Sending you a lot of love and warmth where you need it!

I’ll be live tomorrow, Saturday for a boy/girl live show and then January 16th for my very first DP show. Hope to have you there! Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz wishing you Happy Holidays

December 24th, 2017

I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday! I know the holidays can sometimes be nuts and stressful for many so hopefully I can bring a smile to your face right now. I wish you peace, love, happiness and a good orgasm too. If you are going through a tough time, know you are loved and I believe time heals everything so make sure to think positive and look ahead no matter what.

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I love my members and fans so much and you know I love spoiling you all year round. Make sure to log into or join my site to see all the new presents I have for you! I just opened up a brand new site for you to view for free. My girlfriend, Jasmine Black’s videos and photos is now opened up for the holidays along with my three new virtual reality sites too very recently. I hope you will enjoy all of it!

My next live members cam show will be Saturday, December 30th at 1pm ET It is a boy/girl forbidden sweet spot show (anal sex play) to bring in the New Year with a bang! Come watch, play and chat with me before and after the sex show.
Happy Holidays everyone!!! Thank you for lighting up my life. Catalina Cruz

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Catalina Cruz new virtual reality scene + toy drive

December 13th, 2017

It is the holiday season and Christmas is just about here for those that celebrate. There are so many families that really need some help to give their kids a Merry Christmas. Every year I buy toys and take them to my local fire station. I want to include all of you this year too. For every member that signs up to my official website from now until December 18, 2017 I will buy a new toy to be taken and dropped off to my local fire station to help families that are in my area. I will take some photos and post them on twitter and here before I drop them off at the end. Let’s give some parents some relief this year. My trial membership is included too so you don’t even have to spend a lot.

A new VR video just went up for members! I hope you are loving all the virtual reality inside. It really is a cool experience. Here are a few screen shots from my last live members show. I have a special holiday show coming up so make sure to check my cam schedule for it. I may have to move the date a little due to possibly moving. I should know hopefully today whether I am moving or not. It is all up in the air right now. Just a little heads up.

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Hope to see you inside my sites soon. Remember the toy drive will go on until Dec. 18th until 2pm ET. For every person that joins until then I will donate a new toy to my local fire station. We all help and I get to see the sexy firefighters in person and say hello:)

Love, Catalina Cruz

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